Tales from Quarantine

designed by Gideon Elfgen

As we all are suspended from one kind of reality, WOMEX looks at ways of sharing, learning, and exchanging as a community to create spaces of reflection support, creativity, and inspiration.

We present “Tales from Quarantine”, a new series of messages/notes/thoughts from a range of voices within the industry- festival directors, music producers, filmmakers, activists, label managers on how they with have been affected, moved and changed both personally and professionally by this global pandemic.

Each series will also be connected to a selection of documentaries from the WOMEX Film Programme archives for 10 days. Please log in to your virtualWOMEX account to watch the selection here.

Read part one of the series
In this episode, we hear from Sonya Mazumdar, Tim Cole & Rikki Stein.
Read part two of the series
In the second episode, we hear from Vincent Moon, Frances Falceto & Iara Lee.
Read part three of the series
In the third episode, we hear from Alexandra Archetti Stølen, Giulio Squillacciotti & Rabih Beaini.
Read part four of the series
In the fourth episode, we hear from Rama Thiaw, Amani Semaan and Christopher Kirkley.

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts