virtualWOMEX Extended Programme | Film FAQ

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about the virtualWOMEX Extended Programme | Film.

What is the virtualWOMEX Extended Programme?
The extended programme is additional exclusive content including conferences and films available digitally to active virtualWOMEX account holders including WOMEX 20 Digital participants.
The programme allows for continued conversations, sharing, learning and networking throughout the year on the virtualWOMEX platform.

The film section will include two handpicked films for each of the three different sessions.The first session is available to stream from the 27 - 31January 2021.

What are the benefits of watching film at WOMEX?
The film programme serves as a platform to facilitate conversations between the global underground music and independent film communities. It is a space for you to discover new music, musicians and projects, cross-cultural collaborations as well as look into alternative programming opportunities.

How can I watch a film online?
1. If you haven’t already, register here for virtualWOMEX and receive your virtualWOMEX login details valid for a year.
2. On the top right-hand corner of this page , click on "Login" and enter your virtualWOMEX login details.
3. Once logged in, on the right side of the page under the tab "Programme" - click on the tab that says "Film" and you will be directed to the Film Programme page. Scroll down to the films listing.
4. Click on any of the two available films.
5. A film event page will open up, scroll down to the "Videos" section at the bottom left of this page and click on "Watch Film!".
6. You can go through the virtualWOMEX Extended Programme details without logging in but to watch a film you will need to be logged into your virtualWOMEX account.

When are the films available?
The first session of the films are available from 10am onwards (CET) on 27 January for 5 days until midnight 31 January 2021.
There will be two other sessions in Spring, that will be announced in time.

I live in XXX, are the films available for me to watch?
Yes, all films are available to stream worldwide to all active virtualWOMEX account holders which includes WOMEX 20 Digital Participants.

How can I see the subtitles?
If the film is subtitled, the subtitles will already be part of the video and will be shown where necessary,

Can I continue watching a film from where I left off?
No, you would need to come back to the film page and manually resume the film from where you left off.

How can I get in touch with someone from the film?
If you are logged into your virtualWOMEX account, you can find the 'Film Contact' of each film on the left-hand side of a particular film page under the "Links" section or at the bottom of the page under the film credits. By clicking on the link for the film contact, you will then be directed to their virtualWOMEX profile page.

I love the films part of the virtualWOMEX Extended Programme, how can I invite a colleague to watch a film?
Please have your colleague, friend register to get access to the extended programme.

Where can I find the complete archive of the WOMEX Film Programme?
Here, is where you can find all the films shown at previous editions of WOMEX.

What is virtualWOMEX?
virtualWOMEX is WOMEX's online database that is accessible to WOMEX delegates 365 days a year to network and do business on. Here, you can find more information on virtualWOMEX.

My question is not here, what can I do?
For any film programme related questions, please contact:

article posted by:Sana Rizvi, Piranha Arts