• 27-31 OCT 2021
  • Porto, Portugal


Here you can go through a list of films shown at the earlier editions of WOMEX. You can browse this archive by clicking on a year. From 2002-2014 films at WOMEX were programmed in collaboration with The IMZ International Music + Media Centre. Since 2015 the WOMEX Film programme has been curated in-house.

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2020 – WOMEX 20 Digital Edition feat Budapest RITMO

Film Screenings

Film Library

Jeremy Marre Retrospective

2019 – Tampere, Finland

2018 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

2017 – Katowice, Poland

2016 – Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

2015 – Budapest, Hungary

2014 – Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

2013 – Cardiff, Wales, UK

    Film Screenings

    • AfroCubism (UK), Directed by Clive Hunte
    • Colombian Gold: 400 years of Music From The Soul (Netherlands), Directed by Sanjay Agarwal and Ivan Higa
    • El encuentro – Ein Film für Bandoneon und Cell (Switzerland), Directed by Norbert Wiedmer and Enrique Ros
    • Encounter at the Cello Biënnale Biënnale (Ireland), Directed by Myles O'Reilly
    • Folk:LAB (Norway), Directed by Torstein Vegheim
    • Georg Kreisler Does Not Exist (Austria), Directed by Dominik Wessely
    • Gnawa Music- Body and Soul (France), Directed by Frank CassentiObert
    • The Saga of John Fahey (Canada), Directed by James Cullingham
    • Khaled Plays Avo Sesion (Switzerland/Germany)
    • Renato Borghetti Quarteto Europa (Brazil), Directed by Rene Goya Filho
    • Renaud Garcia-Fons- Beyond the Double Bass (France), Directed by Nicolas Dattilesi
    • Sama - Muslim Mystic Music Of India (India), Directed by Shazia Khan
    • Scurdia - Markus Schirmer & Friends (Austria), Directed by Günter Schilhan and Helmut Guertl
    • Sweet Dreams (USA), Directed by Lisa Fruchtman and Rob Fruchtman
    • The Greatest Busk On Grafton Street (Ireland), Directed by Myles O'Reilly
    • The Heart of Sound. A Musical Journey with Vittorio Ghielmi (Austria), Directed by Paul Fenkart
    • The Last Song Before the War (USA), Directed by Kiley Kraskouskas

2012 – Thessaloniki, Greece

2011 – Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 – Copenhagen, Denmark

    Film Screenings

    • A Song for Copenhagen (Denmark), Directed by Jonas Jessen
    • Beneath the Flame (New Zeland), Directed by Sally Corry
    • Beyond Ipanema: Brazilian Waves in Global Music (USA), Directed by Guto Barra
    • Intangible Asset Number 82 (Australia), Directed by Emma Franz
    • Jalalu’s Dawn (Switzerland), Directed by Aline d’Auria
    • Joan Baez - How Sweet the Sound (USA), Directed by Mary Wharton
    • Rappers, Divas and Virtuosos, New Music From the Muslim World (USA), Directed by Steven Lawrence and Qaushiq Mukherjee
    • Music Voyager / Jamaica: Roots, Rock, Reggae (USA), Directed by Kelly Magelky
    • Ravi Shankar, The Extraordinary Lesson (France), Directed by Frédéric Le Clair
    • Silence at the Heart of Things (Canada), Directed by Eileen Thalenberg
    • Takhabot: Heaving Unrest (Egypt), Directed by Ghassan Halwani
    • The Road to Basilique (UK), Directed by Sunara Begum
    • Tulay German: Years of Fire and Cinders (Turkey), Directed Didem Pekün
    • With One Voice (France), Directed Xavier de Lauzanne

2009 – Copenhagen, Denmark

    Film Screenings

    • Fangafrika, Voice of the Voiceless (Burkina Faso/ France), Directed by Collective Staycalm
    • Footsteps in Africa: A Nomadic Production (USA), Directed by Kathi von Koerber
    • Jazzta Prasta (Bulgaria), Directed by Andrey Slabakoff
    • La Columbiana: Passing the Torch (USA), Directed by Jake Holmes and Amanda Homi
    • Link TV’s Best Video Finds of 2009 (USA), by Link TV
    • Modou the Hang Player (France), Directed by Mino Dutertre
    • Ramblers, Roamers, Vagabonds (Hungary), Directed by Sándor Silló
    • The Colours of Tea (Spain), Directed by Toni Polo
    • The Great Ones of Tlacotalpan (Mexico), Directed by Modesto López
    • The Promised Land- A Swamp Pop Journey (USA), Directed by Mathew Wilkinson
    • Voice Over the Bridge (India), Directed by Ernest Hariyanto

2008 – Sevilla, Spain

    Film Screenings

    • A Different Way - Tango with Rodolfo Mederos (Uruguay/Spain/Germany), Directed by Gabriel Szollosy
    • African Underground: Democracy in Dakar (USA), Directed by Ben Herson, Magee McIlvaine and Christopher Moore
    • Desert Blues, a Musical Journey into the Heart of Mali (France), Directed by Michel Jaffrennou
    • Krishna’s Dancer (Germany), Directed by Dirk Hilbert
    • Lay Down Your Hearts (UK), Directed by John Simpson
    • Laya Project (India), Directed by Harold Monfils
    • Link TV’s Best Video Finds of 2008 (USA), by Link TV
    • Mariem Hassan, the Voice of the Sahara (Spain), Directed by Manuel Dominguez
    • Parno Graszt - Life with a Hungarian Gypsy Band (Switzerland/Hungary), Directed by Sándor Silló
    • Punta Soul! (USA), Directed by Nyasha Laing
    • Shaban (Serbia), Directed by Miloš Stojanović
    • The Dancing Room (UK), Directed by Simon Broughton
    • Wijdan, the Mystery of Gnawa Trance Music (USA), Directed by John Allen

2007 – Sevilla, Spain

    Film Screenings

    • Beatbox Columbia (Germany), Directed by Dirk Lienig
    • Black and White in Colour (UK), Directed by Mira Erdevicki
    • Celtic Connections (UK), Directed by John Smith
    • From Mambo to Hip Hop (USA), Directed by Henry Chalfant
    • Ishumars Les Rockers Oubliés Du Désert (France), Directed by François Bergeron
    • Jupiter’s Dance (France), Directed by Florent De la Tullaye
    • Link TV’s Best Video Finds of 2007 (USA), by Link TV
    • Lusophony, the (R)Evolution (Portugal), Directed by Artur Soares da Silva and Joao Xavier
    • Nömadak Tx (Spain), Directed by Raúl de la Fuente
    • The Ball (France), Directed by Amic Bedel
    • The Big Shout (UK), Directed by Phil Turner
    • The Last Bissu: Sacred Transvestites of South Sulawesi, Indonesia (Indonesia), Directed by Rhoda Grauer
    • The Meditation of the Days (Belgium), Directed by Chris Delville
    • Three Kings of Belize (Canada), Directed by Katia Paradis
    • When the Road Bends...Tales of a Gypsy Caravan (USA), Directed by Jasmine Dellal
    • Whose is this Song? (Bulgaria), Directed by Adela Peeva

2006 – Sevilla, Spain

    Film Screenings

    • Accordion Tribe (Switzerland), Directed by Stefan Schwietert
    • Ali Farka Touré and Toumani Diabate – The Hotel Mandé Sessions (UK), Directed by Janet Fraser Crook
    • As Old As My Tongue (UK), Directed by Andy Jones
    • If only a Lament (Spain), Directed by Fernando de France
    • Like Air to Breather (Germany), Directed by Ruth Olshan
    • Like an Ambassador of their People (Germany), Directed by Hans-Jörg Heinrich
    • Link TV's Best Video Finds of 2006 (USA), by Link TV
    • Mariza and Portugese Fado (UK), Directed by Simon Broughton
    • Music of the Alps- The Alphorn (Switzerland), Directed by Stefan Schwietert
    • Sound of the Soul (USA), Directed by Stephen Olsson
    • Talam Vietnam (Switzerland), Directed by Roberto Minini-Meròt
    • The Highland Sessions (UK), Directed by Mike Alexander
    • World Music Charts Europe on TV (Spain), Directed by Albert Reguant

2005 – Newcastle/Gateshead, UK

    Film Screenings

    • Africa Live (UK), Directed by Mick Csáky
    • Amadou & Mariam - Dimanche à Bamako (Switzerland), Directed by Marc- Antonine Moreau
    • Backyard of Semba – Live (Brazil), Directed by Paulo Caldas
    • Calypso at Dirty Jim's (France), Directed by Pascale Obolo
    • Going Native in Venezuela – Kuamore (Netherlands), Directed by Bartolomé Duysens
    • In the Rhythm of a City (Germany), Directed by Katharina Suckale
    • Link TV's Best Video Finds of 2005 (USA), by Link TV
    • Propeller of Light - Mongolian Voices in the Alps (Germany), Directed by Andreas Morell
    • Sufi Soul: The Mystic Music of Islam (UK), Directed by Simon Broughton
    • Talam The North (Switzerland), Directed by Roberto Minini-Meròt
    • The Siren (UK), Directed by Zakaria Ibrahim

2004 – Essen, Germany

    Film Screenings

    • Bailaores (Italy), Directed by Albertina Pisano
    • Bereberia - The Rendez-vous (Spain), Directed by Juan Laguna
    • Festival in the Desert: The Tent Sessions (USA/ Mali), Directed by Sean Barlow and Banning Eyre
    • Jane Bunnett: Cuban Odyssey: Spirits of Havana (Canada), Directed by Bay Weyman and Luis Garcia
    • Link TV's Best Video Finds of 2004 (USA), by Link TV
    • Special Moments of the Theatre de la Ville - World Music Seasons 2001-2003 (France)
    • Storm over Asia - The Heir to Genghis Khan (UK), Directed by Vsevolol Pudovkin
    • Talam Bulgaria (Switzerland), Directed by Roberto Minini-Meròt
    • Timbuktoubab (Mali/USA), Directed by Markus James
    • The Miracle Of Candeal (Spain), Directed by Fernando Trueba

2003 – Sevilla, Spain

    Film Screenings

    • A film about WOMAD 2003 (UK), Directed by BBC
    • Festival in the Desert (France), Directed by Lionel Brouet
    • JPP- The Incredible Finn Band (Finland), Directed by Mirja Metsola
    • Moana and the Tribe- Live and Proud (New Zealand ), Directed by Moana Maniapoto
    • Rokia: Voice of a New Generation (USA), Directed by Laurens Grant
    • Samba and Citizenship (Austria)
    • Sons of Benkos (Columbia/France), Directed by Lucas Silva
    • Spanish Harlem Orchestra (Canada), Direct by Pierre Seguin
    • SummerNightMusic- Spirits of Music (Germany), Directed by Henning Kasten
    • The Mad Rhythms of Madagascar (Wales), Directed by Graham Johnston
    • The Putumayo World Music 10th Anniversary Collection (USA), Directed by Tim Lister
    • World Music Series (France), Directed by Marc Bissot
    • World Music VideoBlock (USA), Directed by Link TV

2002 – Essen, Germany

    Film Screenings

    • 1 Giant Leap (USA), Directed by Duncan Bridgeman & Jamie Catto
    • All is Fake - Roberto De Simone (Germany), Directed by Rene Pandis & Will Boettger
    • Colenso Abafana (France), Directed by Oliver Becker
    • Daniel Waro- Proud to be a Bastard (France), Directed by Thierry Hoarau
    • DJ’s in the Mic (Netherlands), Directed by Sandra Parry
    • El Fi’ jarx (Netherlands), Directed by Jahaga Bosscha
    • Five Cities- Live in Dublin (Ireland), Directed by Cormac Larkin
    • Five Cities- Tour Documentary (Ireland), Directed by Cormac Larkin
    • From the Alpine Pastures (), Directed by Jan Schmidt-Garre
    • Khaled Master Class (Netherlands), Directed by Schuchen Tan
    • Mondomix’ Minutes (France), Directed by Jorane Castro & John Allen
    • Montréal Jazz Festival World Music Collection (Canada), Directed by Pierre Seguin
    • Music in Afghanistan: Breaking the Silence (UK), Directed by Simon Broughton
    • Music Meeting 2001 (Netherlands), Directed by Eric Blom
    • PARADISOlife: Nitin Sawhney (Netherlands) , Directed by Eric Blom
    • PARADISOlife : Femi Kuti & Salif Keita (Netherlands), Directed by Eric Blom
    • Ravi Shankar, Between Two Worlds (France), Directed by Mark Kidel
    • Ravi Shankar in Concert (UK), Directed by Mark Kidel
    • Road of Troubadours (Germany), Directed by Elfi Mikesch
    • Roots & Routes 2001 (Netherlands), Directed by Eduard Huis in ’t Veld
    • Roots & Routes 2002 (Netherlands), Directed by Eric Blom
    • Ross Daly- The Circle at the Crossroads (Germany), Directed by Rene Pandis & Will Boettger
    • Sheikh Ahmad Al Tuni (France), Directed by Oliver Becker
    • Stopping the Music (Denmark), Directed by Douglas Mitchell
    • Sunwoofer (Netherlands), Directed by Jahaga Bosscha
    • Tempo Planet (Canada), Directed by Rafael Ouellet & Sacha Laliberte
    • The Divine Drummer (Germany), Directed by Klaus Voswinckel
    • The Mouloudiyats of Morocco (France), Directed by Oliver Becker
    • The Music of Brazil (UK/Brazil), Directed by Belisario Franca
    • The Sap of The Carob Tree (Argentina), Directed by Daniel Rojas
    • The Trumpet Choir (Netherlands), Directed by Jan Kelder
    • The Turks are Travelling (Germany), Directed by Rene Pandis & Will Boettger
    • The World is Also Here (France), Directed by Jorane Castro
    • Township Opera (UK), Directed by Anthony Fabian
    • Under the Spell of the Mali Blues (Netherlands), Directed by Paul Hegeman
    • Voices- A Musical Celebration (Germany), Directed by Christie Collier