Club Makumba (Portugal)

Club Makumba (Portugal)
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Club Makumba


Club Makumba
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Line up

  • Gonçalo Leonoardo (Double Bass and Bass)
  • Gonçalo Prazeres (Saxophone)
  • João Doce (drums)
  • Tó Trips (Guitars)


Club Makumba is a free, spontaneous, experimental and tribalist exercise.
It opens a window to a journey through the Mediterranean sounds and through an imagined Africa, for a music without prejudice and without borders. It is a flag of resistance hoisted on Mediterranean coasts. A strait of influences in a fusion of rock cartographies, guitars from the south coasts, warm rhythms of North Africa, swept by spirits that wander in the air and in the jazz dunes, melodies and old tunings, which reach us in electrical dust storms.
Club Makumba, Dancing as an act of resistance!

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Club Makumba (Portugal)