Obrint Pas
  • country:Spain
  • region:Catalonia
  • style(s):Punk, Ska
  • label:Propaganda pel Fet!
  • artist posted by:Propaganda Pel Fet!


Ska-reggae-core and Valencian traditional - L'Horta (València)

After 10 years of musical background they have become the most popular
Catalan band amongst young people. They have recorded 5 albums (the last
one was live and sold more than 15.000 copies), they play an average of
100 gigs per year (including the Catalan Countries, Spanish State and
Europe extensively) and are able to fill Barcelona's Palau Sant Jordi with
20.000 people. The secret? Commitment with social struggle and movements
and a unique blend of ska and reggae sound with Valencian oriented
traditional flavours, due to their distinctive brand: an instrument called
'dolçaina', with a peculiar sound that is a success from València to Czech
Republic. What else do you want? Catch them live because they are playing
around your area for sure, wherever you come from.