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The Sound Park Orchestra by Pulse Effect combines moving rhythmic tricycle-like constructions and contemporary dancers creating a unique parade.

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The Sound Park orchestra by Pulse Effect is unique in its visual appearance and musical performance. To create this project, Pulse Effect combined different rhythm sources such as specially made drums, and various metal objects, and together with engineers designed and manufactured special light metal structures to make the tricycle- or hovercraft-like structure ergonomic for movement, choreographic patterns, and different terrains. The structure is like a frame, into which the player can step and move forward while playing, or stop and create a musical performance on the spot. The orchestra is accompanied by a dancer-choreographer, an orchestra leader, and two professional dancers who, together with the orchestra leader, create a series of joyful, acrobatic, and contemporary choreographies.

Since the spring of 2006, the rhythm association Pulse Effect has been creating various interdisciplinary rhythm-dance performances in which they have discovered the diversity of rhythm such as "Force", "No Drums, No Problems", also in collaboration with folk dancers "Katvari" was created the performance "Infected" in the road production factory. The invitation to make a special performance for the opening of the KHL season in Prague in 2012 ensured further creative activity for the band at various events throughout the Baltics. For several years in a row Pulse Effect has worked closely with various Baltic festivals, city festival organizers, running series, event agencies, contemporary art curators, TV shows (Eurovision, Dance with the Star, Sing with the Star, Lord of the Voice, etc., creating performances with fire, neon and other types of lights, promoting body percussion and freestyle percussion. The group also uses traditional Latvian percussion instruments such as devil sticks. The ensemble includes percussion professionals, choreographers, and dancers, as well as vocalists for individual performances. Biography and audio-visuals www.pulse-effect.lv

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  • WOMEX 2022
stand number WOMEX 22: 84


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