Dona Onete
Dona Onete
Show of Dona Onete. Credits: Gabi Nehring
Dona Onete and Mestre Vieira. Credits: Gabi Nehring
Credits: Gabi Nehring


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  • country:Brazil
  • region:North Brazil
  • style(s):Brazilian
  • label:Mais Um
  • type:Band
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Rocinante

Line up

  • Breno de Oliveira (bass)
  • Daniel Serrão  (piano and sax)
  • Dona Onete (vocals)
  • JP Cavalcante (Percussion)
  • Pio Lobato (eletric guitar)
  • Vovô (Drums)


Dona Onete, a lifelong singer and composer, has come to release her debut album, at the wise old age of 73. "Feitiço Cabloco" is the work of a lifetime of composition and research, a complete and deeply-informed offering of the rich and diverse musical styles of Onete’s home, the Northeastern state of Pará. Though modern and vivacious in approach, the album’s focus is clearly on the musical melting pot that is this far flung corner of Brazil, boasting African, Native Indian and European influences as well as its signature Caribbean sway.

Born in Cachoeira do Ararí, nestled in the delta of the Amazon across from Belém, it is no surprise that the imagery of the river resonates so strongly with Onete. The Amazon itself seems to have been the fount of her artistry, constantly influencing her compositions, both directly and more abstractly.

In spite of her talent and evident star-like quality, Onete never seriously considered a career in music. That would only happen much later, when the current swept her that way. She became a Professor of History and Amazonian Studies in her hometown, Igaparé Miri, 100km outside of Belém, and ardently researched the rhythms, dances and traditions of the indigenous and black people of the area. This led her to establish several music and dance groups, which regenerated traditional customs, and which eventually saw her elected as the Municipal Secretary of Culture of Igaparé-Miri. Absorbing all these genres and rhythms, Onete also began to compose, creating the hybrid genre for which she would later become famous, "carimbó chamegado".

Starting her international career has played in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on a International Folklore Festival (FIFBA) and in Lisbon (Portugal) during the Brazilian Year in Portugal.


Dona Onete

Dona Onete