Samba Résille

Created in 1992, Samba Résille is an cultural association for popular education and youth which is aimed at all audiences

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Created in 1992, Samba Résille is an approved cultural association for popular education and youth which is aimed at all audiences including adults, young people and people with sensory and/or mental disabilities.

It offers Brazilian music and singing workshops, concerts, exhibitions, artist residencies, training around music as a mediation tool or even training on access to European funds and leads many projects in Europe and abroad.

Since its creation, Samba Résille has been deeply attached to the values ​​enshrined in the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity. They constitute the associative foundations of Samba Résille and by extension the foundations of the Center for Cultural and Citizen Initiatives opened in 2004, rue Roquelaine in Toulouse.

This space is a polymorphic place, an interactive place, a space of proximity, accessibility, energy, conviviality, humanity; a place of openness, neutral, made for encounters, a place where everyone easily finds its spot, a popular and non-institutional space, which is nourished by encounters, is constantly vitalized and revitalized, a place which shines on the territories, lively and vibrant, a place that opens up to working-class neighborhoods and allows everyone to reclaim the city center, a place with a project that works, just waiting to breathe with you, a place that gives life to a real participatory democracy, a place for citizen exercise.

For more than 10 years now, Samba Résille has resolutely focused on further vitalizing this space by synergizing its territory with more distant horizons, by multiplying European and international meetings and exchanges.

Based on the European Commission's Erasmus+ Program, Samba Résille is now committed to building exchange and sharing paths with European and international partners in order to develop its artistic, technical and managerial skills in the field of culture. In the form of european mobilities, volunteers, administrators and employees of the association acquire new skills that can be shared within the territory and its audiences.

Samba Résille now coordinates an Adult Education Consortium and participates in a European Solidarity Corps Consortium which economically and financially guarantees mobility activities for the period 2021-2027.
On the other hand, Samba Résille has structured a course facilitating individual access to mobility: My Local and European Engagement, a course to support ideas and local intercultural cooperation projects with a European dimension, including funding for European mobility. It's accessible on our international platform.


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