Puman playing Midi Festival in 2023
Photo of Lao Ru during live performance at Midi Festival


Puman played in front of an audience of 30,000 in April of 2024 for the 500KM music festival, the most important festival of Yunnan Province.
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Line up

  • 徐光福 (Guitar)
  • 汝屹飞 (Wind instruments)
  • 潭高胜 (Vocals, Guitar)
  • 苏成瑞 (Drums)
  • 阿杰 (Bass)


Puman are one of the originators of Yunnan Reggae, a sound that has developed among the ethnic tribes in the rainforest region around China’s Southernmost borders with Lao and Myanmar. The band invokes the melodies, traditional instruments and, most importantly, the spirit of these traditions with resonant and catchy original compositions and a danceable reggae vibe that has made them arguably China’s most influential reggae band to date.

Their self-titled debut album has had more than 20 million streams globally and produced a UK Number One reggae Vinyl release (Juno Vinyl DUB charts) - 'B'lang Beauty' - released by UK based DNA Records, inspiring a popular remix by French reggae/hip hop duo L’Entourloop. They are also responsible for a viral Chinese dance craze that involves stomping around carrying a progressively more outlandish collection of household furniture! With a surprising international reach that overshadows almost all other Chinese Reggae (12k+ monthly listeners on Spotify and 3M+ streams on Youtube), Puman's international career, initially held back by Covid, is now ready to take off with a vengeance.