Ivan Skrt

This comprehensive Ivan Skrt's product with an intensive interplay of music, art photography and original text aims to "sow the seeds" into our common, infinite, indefinable "soil".

The pianist Ivan Skrt believes every musician should be a messenger of Life and so the inner as well as the outer form of each of his concerts that consists of a fine selection of compositions with elaborate interpretations, is actually a small image of Life, offering an opportunity to enliven and sharpen the senses that are able to recognize music as the bearer of perfect order, beauty and depth.

The double CD includes the concert programme from Ivan Skrt's recital in Salle Gaveau, Paris (19 March 2014):
Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition
Scriabin: Sonate no.5
Bartok: Out of doors
Ravel: La valse

Musical compositions have been recorded and
post-processed with a custom-designed recording equipment to preserve the unique, monophonic micro information source of the instrument into stereophonic capturing mode. The unique richness of original micro dinamics and higher harmonic content is preserved and played to listener's ears, thus creating a unique, profound and emotionally rich musical experience.

To be released in June 2014.

More info: www.ivanskrt.si

Contact: Helena F. Gardina, helena@he-art.si, +386 41 449 083, C:N stand 69