Ivan Skrt


The Slovenian pianist Ivan Skrt studied piano at the renowned Conservatory of P. I. Tchaikovsky in Moscow. After receiving a degree in the class of prof. Naum Starkman and prof. Mikhail Lidsky in 2007 he went on to study with prof. Henri Barda at the Ecole Normale Nationale in Paris.

Although he won numerous first prizes and received all points in competitions on state and international level during his early creative period, while his mentor was prof. S. Gadzijev, he stepped aside due to his opinion that musical seeds should be designed for different soil, musical bloom and fruits that are grown by a musician with all his care, sensuousness and most deep consideration, offering a possibility to perceive and spread the awareness of life in general.

Recently Ivan Skrt’s performance was perfectly characterized with the following words: »His pianism is an image of his resolute thought of freedom and his magnificent and subtle interpretations are the reflection of his original search for the philosophical meaning of ‘living pianism’. Only when one becomes One with it all the paths to hearts of listeners and to their trust are opened. Skrt’s musical narratives convince his audience because he unfolds the enticing beauty of his perfect unity with piano keys that under his fingers offer gentle and intimate adventure of mind and heart.«

He himself believes every musician should be a messenger of Life and so the inner as well as the outer form of each of his concerts that consists of fine selection of compositions with elaborate interpretations, is actually a small image of Life. The artistic events of Ivan Skrt are unique opportunities for the members of the audience to sharpen their senses and to become aware of the real Music that denotes perfect order, beauty and depth.

He is considered "a bit daring in terms of artistic freedom" with seemingly effortless playing even the most demanding passages he "enraptures the audience an almost Dionysian music experience". He has a great feeling to touch the audience deeply, offering a long lasting meditative delight.

His repertoire consists mostly of the 19th and of the first half of 20th century composers, with special attention to Scriabin, Rachmaninoff and Ravel.

By choosing the programme that comprises the most demanding and most complex works in musical literature, he proves to be »without any technical limitations and that gives him a complete freedom in articulating his own message«.

Ivan’s "musical seeds" (which are common to everyone) abundantly flourished in March 2014 at the prestigious SALLE GAVEAU in Paris. The rich and all-embracing programme of Skrt's piano recital flushed away the unnecessary and completely filled the air of the full Parisian concert hall where pure aquatic peacefulness was flowing, fiery joyfulness was sparkling, and the captivated audience was also offered a primary touch of heavy robust soil. The meaning of the programme, which is recorded on the NEW DOUBLE CD "Black and White", is best described by Ivan Skrt in his own words before the concert in Paris: »The task of man is to wish and dare to look behind the mysterious black curtain of life. The task of the artist is to sing his white song from there. The task of the concert (with the thoughtful program selection) is to explode in whiteness and sink in blackness, with a humble desire to offer a fine seed of awareness that actually both is one. Just as it is for the music to emerge from both black and white piano keys at the same time.«

The concerts of Ivan Skrt (and co-creators) aim to sow the "seeds" into our common, infinite,
indefinable "soil".

CONTACT: Helena Gardina, helena@he-art.si, +386 41 449 083 (C:N stand 69)