"Ljiljana Buttler - The Mother Of Gypsy Soul" - MOSTAR SEVDAH REUNION

Ljiljana Buttler and Mostar Sevdah Reunion - The Mother Of Gypsy Soul


Ljiljana Buttler - The Mother of Gypsy Soul
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The big comeback of the Mother of Gypsy Soul -Ljiljana Buttler - supported by Mostar Sevdah Reunion.

-“Ljiljana Buttler is one of the great re-discovered voices of Eastern Europe. Deep, dark and distinctive. Her recording with the Mostar Sevdah Reunion band, “The Mother of Gypsy Soul” (Snail Records) is one of my CDs of the year and impresses everyone I've played it to!” (Simon Broughton -Songlines)

-“Ljiljana Buttler’s debut CD is delicious: Ljiljana’s deep, almost masculine, voice picks out words and tosses them into the air with effortless grace. And the instrumental backing by Mostar Sevdah Reunion and legendary trumpet virtuoso Boban Marković is inspired: the musicians spoon out the notes with a tangible, almost erotic, delicacy while Ljiljana sails above them, her voice caressing the listener!” (Garth Cartwright - FRoots)