Café TRINACRIA - A flight to SICILY

Café TRINACRIA - A flight to SICILY
Café TRINACRIA - Gera Bertolone, clarinet
Café TRINACRIA - Roberto Stimoli, guitar
Gera Bertolone, clarinet & voice - Photo Philippe Porter
Roberto Stimoli, guitar - Photo Philippe Porter
Café Trinacria-Gera Bertolone & Roberto Stimoli - Photo Philippe Porter
Café Trinacria - Gera Bertolone & Roberto Stimoli - Photo Philippe Porter
Cafe TRINACRIA duo récital the most beautiful Sicilian compositions


L'ultimo Amore. Excerpt from the live concert in duo Café TRINACRIA
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  • country:France
  • style(s):World, Classical Music
  • label:Sonora Recordings
  • type:Duo
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, woodwind, guitar
  • artist posted by:SONORA Artist Management

Line up

  • Gera Bertolone (Clarinet & Voice)
  • Roberto Stimoli (Seven-string guitar)


Two virtuoso performers. The most beautiful Sicilian compositions at the dawn of the 20th century.

1h10 recital - show for all audiences

ROBERTO STIMOLI I 7-string guitar

"They make relive a true treasure. They make us discover the sound of an entire era in a modern and coherent instrumental formula." - Le Dauphiné Libéré.

"A fascinating journey to the discovery of a luminous music." - La Tribune.


With «A flight to Sicily», Gera Bertolone and Roberto Stimoli make relive a true musical treasure. It is an entirely unique and original program.

At the crossroads of classical music, jazz, world music, the two virtuosos of Café Trinacria perform the most beautiful Sicilian compositions born at the dawn of the 20th century and magnificent songs.

They celebrate the musical memory of their native island, heart and imaginary of the Mediterranean.

Fruit of a patient research work, this programme, in which pieces by Giovanni Gioviale, Giovanni Vicari and Giuseppe Silvestri coexist, is rich and inspired.

It is an invitation and a flight towards a absolutely luminous music, the rediscovery of the soundtrack of an entire era that radiated from Catania to New York.

They make relive the time of the very first international «hits», born from the advent of 78 rpm, from the birth of the first record companies, and the great transatlantic migratory waves of the years 1880 to 1930.

The two musicians offer us magnificent transcriptions and original adaptations of these iconic works and very demanding from a technical point of view.

The version given by this powerful duet is a particularly virtuoso and creative evocation nourished by varied and bewitching sounds.

Gera Bertolone and Roberto Stimoli went to libraries, sound archives and private collections to rediscover these true forgotten musical pearls. They worked together on the transcriptions and adaptations of all these compositions in a modern instrumental formula to be able to share them today with the greatest generosity.

Their creativity and sensitivity are unleashed in an luminous conversation in which the clarinet and the guitar interact in osmosis with the greatest finesse. And the intoxicating voice of Gera Bertolone also punctuates the concert with beautiful songs as moments of strong emotions.

This show for all audiences was imagined in the spirit and vibe of café-concerts. The two artists invite us to a sunny break, to a journey full of emotions.

We can imagine that all this takes place in a café of Syracuse...

A show in partnership with Sunny Road Factory. With the support of the City of Chatou and the CNM - National Music Center.