SONORA Artist Management

Organization, production and international distribution of concerts. We also produce music records.

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Created in 2014, SONORA Artist Management (& Sonora Recordings) is a production/distribution company for concerts and albums.
It pursues a double vocation : it develops a range of world-jazz-rock shows for venues and festivals of varying sizes with artists of great talents (Gera Bertolone, Roberto Stimoli, Guillaume Arbonville, Mauro Basilio, etc.) and on the other hand continues to expand a phonographic catalogue (one or two albums per year).
In 2022, SONORA Artist Management focuses on the international tour of the show "Café Trinacria, a flight to Sicily », the creation and production of a musical shows for young audiences, prepares the release of an ambitious pop-rock album «Femmina» and produces the recording of the album «Café Trinacria». It is affiliated with the CNM, the SPPF, …



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A flight to SICILY by Café Trinacria. Booking for 23-24. Duo recital.

Season 23-24 international tour. Booking is open...


Gera Bertolone


"La Sicilienne" - Gera Bertolone