Gera Bertolone
La Sicilienne - Gera Bertolone


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LA SICILIENNE, the first album by Gera Bertolone and produced by Sonora Recordings released the 02nd October 2015. It makes us relive many centuries of rich Sicilian cultural heritage due to these colorful songs imprinted by the popular tradition Sicily is still impregnated with.
Thoroughly engaged in the preservation of the Sicilian cultural heritage and accompanied and supported by an internationally renouned musician, Rares Morarescu (violin, guitar, mandolin and arrangements) the artist is lunching today her first album, LA SICILIENNE, the fruit of a musical parcours and of the will to share this heritage.
The album consisting of ancient melodies and bringing also homage to Rosa Balistreri with some of the better known songs, is immersing us in the heart of the Sicilian folklore universe, its histories, poetry and emotions that are close to its soul.
Gera Bertolone is inviting us, with passion and intense and vibrant arrangements, to meet a true and authentic Sicily.
A darig and original project that is opening International gates to the Sicilian songs.

Gera Bertolone, sing and clarinet
Rares Morarescu, violin, guitar, mandolin and arrangements