Switchstance Recordings

Organic Beats & Breaks Label with strong influences from Hip Hop, Reggae, Afrobeat, Funk, Jazz, Latin and Psychedelic Rock.

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Since 2001, Switchstance Recordings has been standing strong both in the club and music world and in the boardsports community. Releases of the label's artists on vinyl and CD, cooperations with labels such as ESL Music, Fort Knox, Six Degrees, Stereo Deluxe or OM Records as well as the regular use of its music in international boardsports videos by companies like Method TV, Quiksilver, Absinthe Films, TTR World Snowboard Tour, Element Skateboards or Red Bull have established Switchstance as a music label, while its DJs have stunned audiences at big international events such as Air & Style, Burton European Open, Winter Music Conference, SXSW Music Conference, Nyege Nyege Festival, Lollapalooza Festival, Midem or Summer Jam.

The label´s creed and therefore the style of its producers and DJs is to have ultimate freedom, whether in their musical movements or in “switching” between various styles.

The aim of the label is to combine early musical influences such as Funk, Jazz, Latin, 90´s Hip Hop and Reggae with the most progressive techniques of electronic music production in order to create a new dynamic sound that pays respect to the diverse cultures it comes from. It is the soundtrack of the lives of artists that dedicate their time and energy to produce cutting-edge grooves for a conscious and open-minded generation. Inspired by the label members' and friends' lifestyles in music, boardsports, arts and travels; the sound of Switchstance is always in motion and reflects a unique vision and attitude towards modern life.

Quality Grooves Since 2001



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  • WOMEX 2021
  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo
  • WOMEX 2019
  • WOMEX 2018
  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2016


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