VRT Flemish Public Broadcasting Company

Klara, the classical and cultural radio, is the smallest of the five radio stations of VRT, the public Broadcaster of Flanders.

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Klara is a unique and strong brand of cultural diversity.
This is more than a slogan. It is the soul of what Klara is and should be. With its extensive offer of classical music and jazz, interview programs and a more adventurous and edgy music selection late night, Klara brings a large scope of programs exploring a wide horizon. Klara also organizes and supports numerous cultural events across Flanders and is co-producer of the Klara Festival and Jazz Middelheim Festival.
Klara creates a slow zone, allowing time to listen, to observe, to reflect, to think, to enjoy the pureness of beauty, enabling to get down to the very heart of the matter. Klara’s basic values are rest (relaxation), quality, cultural experiencing (enjoyment) and depth (expertise and open-mindedness). Which does not mean that we don’t have lively and sparkling programs. Each program has a different musical identity and atmosphere.
Klara is mostly known for classical music and jazz, but also has a growing audience for world and roots music.
World music is part of various shows during the day and is a focus in shows like Late Night World and Zanzibar.
Zanzibar started out as an evening show. Recently it moved to a daytime slot during the Summer holidays. Zanzibar presents world music from around the world, from India to Scandinavia.



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