Alice in WonderBand

Alice in WonderBand
23 09 Balkan:MOST festival, photo: Kovács Bálint
2023 09 Balkan:MOST festival, photo Kovács Bálint
2023 07 ARLEMM festival, photo Vladimir Anđelić
2023 03 E.T.N.O. concert, photo: Dino Šef
Promotional photo, Alisa Dinjaški
Promo photo, Alisa Dinjaški


Little Gipsy - Merry, spicy song with provocations regarding relationships, usually sung at gatherings and dances in Vojvodina.
  • 1 Cigančica
  • 2 Ruse kose/Kâtibim/Apó xéno tópo
  • 3 Mesečinka
  • 4 Jovano, Jovanke
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Song from Miladin Šobić, arranged by AWb, performed in Novi Sad, produced by MOST Music
  • Mlada Jela
  • Uči me, majko, karaj me
  • Jovano, Jovanke
  • Mene majka jednu ima
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Line up

  • Ana Vrbaški (vocal, body percussion)
  • Marko Dinjaški (vocal, body percussion, didgeridoo/rikalo)


Alice in WonderBand is a duo of performers bringing together world music and odd beats from the Balkans with body music and body percussion. Ana Vrbaški and Marko Dinjaški are performing on stage in theaters and concerts and are a couple in life living in nature, near Fruška gora National park.

Their unique lifestyle brings music in connection with the body and nature. Performances are vibrating and rhythmic, powerful and energetic, a crossroads of dance, stage movement and music. Deep, primordial experience takes the audience on a journey through the Balkans as well as to the depths of the being. Performers create a singing and clapping community with the audience, feeling rooted, grounded and inspired.

The band performs songs in eleven languages, around Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Turkey etc) and the ex-Yugoslav region. They prove that in the eternally stormy Balkan area there is a unity through culture, music, movement, which brings understanding and reconciliation. They are currently in the MOST Balkan Music Export program.

Alice in WonderBand perform at big stages (they performed at A to Jazz festival in Sofia and Balkan:MOST festival for thousands of people) as well as smaller.

Debut album RikaTaka, New Balkan Rhythm is released by a German label CPL Music and is on the seventh place in World Music Charts Europe list in December 2022. Album is a union of different genres, acoustic and electronic music, tradition and contemporary artist expression. Rooted in Balkan music tradition and irregular rhythms it makes Western heart skip a beat and synchronize it to more primordial sounds of body music. Songs from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, even Hungary, offer a wide palette of sounds and rhythms.


Alice in WonderBand