Jamaican Jazz Orchestra

Jamaican Jazz Orchestra


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  • country:Belgium
  • region:Jamaican
  • style(s):Jazz, Reggae
  • label:Zephyrus Music
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental, brass, piano, guitar
  • artist posted by:Zephyrus Music

Line up

  • Bruno van der Haegen (Tenor Sax)
  • Karel Cuelenaere (Keys)
  • Marie-Anne Standaert (Trumpet)
  • Ruben Lamon (Bass)
  • Ruben Verbruggen (Baritone & Alto Sax)
  • Tobias Storme (Trombone)
  • Wouter Rosseel (Guitar)
  • Xan Albrecht (Drums)


This first class Belgium based instrumental orchestra has dedicated themselves to find the sweet spot between Jazz and Jamaica. Keened out arrangements, clever compositions, serious musicianship and above all good vibes, please both music lovers and dancing crowd.

Rocksteady meets swing jazz, reggae meets Django Reinhardt, dub meets Sonny Rollins or as Reggae.be puts it: “…virtuoso fusion music that appeals to both head and legs…”.
They sound as if Ernest Ranglin, Monty Alexander and the Skatalites where to join the same stage.

In november 2019, Jamaican Jazz Orchestra releases its second full album. Earlier that year single 'Morning Girl' featuring female singer Helena Casella (BRA/BE) was a success in the media.