Myrddin -


Myrddin flamenco with José Ligero
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  • country:Belgium
  • region:Central Europe
  • style(s):Flamenco, Jazz
  • label:Zephyrus Music
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:jazz combo, guitar
  • artist posted by:Zephyrus Music

Line up

  • Myrddin De Cauter (solo guitar)


In the scope of the recent changes in the flamenco scene, Myrddin is quite an excentric genius.
He grew up in a family of artists and musicians, in a lively house with an unhealthy amount of instruments available.
Art wasn’t luxury or entertainment, it was the beating heart, the norm.

At the tender age of eleven his father tought him how to play the clarinet in jazz and gipsyswingstyle, became part of the family orchestra and had his first experiences on stage.
A classical melody composed on the guitar made him ask his father to teach him the basics of flamencoguitar.

Quite soon after that Myrddin seemed ready for the real work and went to Andalucia to learn from Manolo Sanlucar and Gerardo Núñez. It stimulated him to compose in his own unique language rooted deeply in the pure flamencotradition but enriched by an unlimited creativity. He fully masters the ‘compas’ of the flamenco, which gives him the freedom to converse with elements of jazz or classical music.

In 2001 Myrddin recorded a first Cd 'Imre' for MAP Records. On the Cd he brings solo material and a few tracks with his brother Dajo on double bass. Concentrated listeningmusic to sit down or lay down to, eyes closed.

A second Cd 'Novar' (Munich Records, 2005) shows a more versatile and layered sound. Wannes Van de Velde sings Guido Gezelle, singer José Ligero, percussion and second guitar by José Toral and the piano of sister Vigdis De Cauter. Just as 'Imre', the Cd is deeply rooted in flamenco but takes of to unique experiments in jazz, and crossover between flamenco, jazz and classical music.

On 'Novar' this young guitarplayer puts his own virtuosity in the picture, without becoming pedantic. De Morgen ****

On 'Lucía Nieve' (Zephyrus Records, 2009) Myrddin confirms his art and unique style. Guests: Slovenian fujara played by Winne Clement, Belgian-Puertorican popstar Gabriel Rios, Michael Bezverkhny on violin and a group of 12 jazzmusicians can be heard in 3 fragments of a 60-minute long composition Kundalini.

'The creation of an inspired and personal universe'. El Pais

'While listening to Myrddin I hear much more than only guitar. I get sucked in, enticed on his quest, as he wants me to participate.' Wannes Van de Velde