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Access All Areas is a UK based booking agency specialising in eclectic, authentic, roots music from all over the World.

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At Access All Areas we have created a global roster of carefully selected acts; they come from many diverse cultures and genres but all share one common theme, the finest quality music. Whether it’s for a festival, arts centre, club or one-off event, Access All Areas can offer an exciting selection of international and UK based artists.

Run jointly by Graham and Angie Breakwell, we bring to the agency our many years of experience and knowledge of representation and management, venue programming, festival organisation, arts promotion and tour production. Our aim is to offer the right artist for every occasion and then support your promotion with effective publicity material and marketing advice.

In addition to our booking agency role we produce UK tours for our international artists and have successfully moved into the field of Creative Production, conceiving, designing, sourcing and delivering collaborative projects in major venues.

We also run a Creative Learning programme in partnership with WOMAD Foundation, taking professionally trained artists into schools, supported by a range of educational resources.

Over time we have established long-term relationships with numerous festivals and music venues throughout the UK, Europe and beyond and are always pleased to meet new faces and forge new partnerships. We also enjoy strong working relations with a number of key organisations in the World music field, notably 30IPS Ltd, Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Rhythms and Ragas and WOMAD.

This year we have supplemented our roster with a number of up and coming artists from around the World including Ngawang Lodup (Tibet), Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat (Iran), Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band and Circus Raj (both from India) and Cajun Country Revival (Louisiana USA)

Our website seeks to give you a flavour of the richness and culturally diverse nature of our artists and to keep you informed on who is touring when, who is playing where, who is making the news and of any new or emerging artists who have joined us. We also mail out updates to promoters but if you are not on our mailing list, and would like to be, we’ll be happy to add your details.

And if you'd like a free copy of our new brochure just let us know and we'll post one right away.

We look forward to introducing you to our growing family of talented artists.

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