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Accord World Music Agency is one of the most renowned managing and booking agencies of the Hungarian folk and world music that represents:

- Ági Herczku & Band, that got internationally famous with its new album, Bandázom (Hanging Out), and will perform on the Regional Stage of the WOMEX 2015;
- Primás Parade, the “supergroup” of the Hungarian music life;
- Fonó Folk Band, that has been awarded by the Le Monde de la Musique with the Choc de l’Année Award, and that will perform at the Hungarian Folk and World Music Showcase Day, just before the WOMEX;
- Kálmán Balogh, who has performed several times at the WOMEX and has been selected for the program of the Showcase Festival in 2015;
- as well as the most talented Slovakian Hungarian folk singer, Éva Korpás Band.

They are all masters and excellent performers of the Hungarian and Eastern European music traditions, their unique tunes stem from these roots.
The musicians represented by the Agency have been selected into the Top of the World selection of the Songlines Magazine and/or the World Music Charts Europe Top 20 list. They are the finest Hungarian musicians; their performances rightly attract appreciative attention all over the world.


participating in

  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo
  • WOMEX 2015


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