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Accord World Music Agency is one of the most renowned managing and booking agencies of the Hungarian folk and world music that represents:

- Herczku Ági & Band -
You can’t avoid bumping into Herczku Agnes and Nikola Parov when it comes to world-music. The album “Bandázom” released by their musical formation “Herczku Ági and Band” was present for more than two months on the SONGLINES magazine top-list as well as on WOMEX’s CD compilation. In 2015 Herczku Ági and Band took part in the LIVE at WOMEX show in Budapest. The concert was recorded live and released with the tittle “LIVE AT WOMEX” in 2016, and made it straightaway to the WORLD MUSIC CHARTS EUROPE. The Band latest album produced by Nikola Parov “KAMARA” released in Dec. 2019 contributed a new and exciting musical colour on the world-music palette.

- Zoord -
Their inspiring songs, ancient nomadic and traditional Hungarian music is bravely and creatively re-formed by the trio. It is ancient and traditional, but at the same time very much present day and party music. Their instrumentation is minimal but still very heavy, with one of the oldest instruments in front, the Jew’s harp. It can be rarely found in other bands or when it is played it has a background role. In Zoord this simple but versatile musical instrument has a main role, played by Áron Szilágyi. Áron is the one of the world’s most acknowledged Jew’s harp maker’s son, their family is the only one who continues the tradition of Jew’s harp making in Hungary.

- Primás Parade -
Primás Parade "is a supergroup of musicians drawn from the folk, jazz, rock and classical scenes with a common root in traditional music", as it was described by Simon Broughton, Chief Editor of Songlines Magazine.
Ten outstanding figures of the Hungarian music scene grouped in this extraordinary formation: excellent musicians, who are as well the leaders of their own bands. They came from different musical disciplines, so they represent different genres, but there is one thing that unites them: their common harmonious way of expression: Hungarian folk music.

- Éva Korpás Band -
Éva Korpás folk singer (Révkomárom, Slovakia) began her solo career in 2007. Earlier she was a member of the acclaimed Tükrös Band playing authentic folk music. In the past, nearly one and a half decade she has given folk and world music concerts to both, children and adult audiences. Besides numerous awards she was honoured by the Hungarian state in 2018 receiving the For The Ethnic Hungarians Award.


participating in

  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo
  • WOMEX 2015


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