AfrotroniX // Afro-Futuristic vision // Electro // Afrobeats // AI // African Algorythms // Amapiano 7.0 // New album // Winter 2023

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AfrotroniX is an original concept, an Afro-futuristic vision carrying a pan-African message created by the famous Chadian-Canadian guitarist Caleb Rimtobaye. The band celebrates AFRICAN ALGORITHMS through Afro Electronic Music, digital art, African fashion and African urban dance.

By actively instructing AI and its digital systems in the language of our African ancestors, Afrotronix imparts the wisdom of old onto new technologies. With a forward-thinking perspective on rhythm and percussion, they lead us on an extraordinary musical voyage into the profound and sacred African traditions and patterns. In doing so, they intertwine ancient codes and algorithms with futuristic concepts, creating a magnificent fusion of past and present. Afrotronix art is a vision that points to an Afrofuturism from Chad.

"AFROTRONIX is a character who belongs to the futuristic Afro world of electronic-pop music ».

Afrotronix's electro Saharan blues is driven by Chadian Canadian guitarist Caleb Rimtobaye. The Montreal-based producer formed Afrotronix in 2014 as a concept encompassing an afro futuristic approach of electronic music production. Heir and builder of a long musical tradition, Afrotronix's art brings the musical tradition of Chad back to the fore. Afrotronix has won several international prizes including best artist at the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards (2022), best African electro (2019) and best African DJ (2018) at the All Africa Music Awards.

His unique sound is a new wave in the Afrobeats and Amapiano 7.0 tinged with Chadian saï, Senegalese mbalax, Haitian compas, West African Mandingo roots and electric Touareg blues, and transported on a juggernaut loaded with deep house, dubstep and techno grooves.

His collaborations includes artists like Baaba Maal, Youssou N’dour, Salatiel, Lorenzo Jovanotti and Mbongwana star Brian Kennedy (Rihanna, Chris Brown). His new album Future Tribe will be released in February 2024, propelling an avant-garde image of Africa and Canada in an Afrofuturist concert tour. His next EP Afro New Wave is coming in fall 2023 and heralds a new wave in the global afrobeats and amapiano 7.0 movement.

Recognized for these daring musical mixtures and wearing the DOM, the helmet, symbol of an updated ancestral knowledge, Afrotronix is the first Chadian personality to experience international success, becoming at the same time a leading figure in Chadian culture.

AfrotroniX - Nomadix : "... An inventive, brilliant and dancing album, bordering on reality."
ICI Radio

"Does the future of mass African pop also pass through Montreal? We will know very soon with the album produced by AfrotroniX"
Alain Brunet La presse

"The singer-guitarist Caleb Rimtobaye adds to it with this project claiming Afro-futurism and which integrates electro in a magnificent way"
Le devoir

You also won’t get enough of those guitar solos that are prevalent throughout the album.


HOLLYWOOD AND AFRICAN PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS (2022) - Best International Music Artist
PRESTIGIOUS HAITIAN MUSIC AWARDS (2022) - International Artist of the year
HEALT4PEACE LOS ANGELES (2022) - Diaspora Award DTW MUSIC AWARDS (2022) - Best artist in the Diaspora
ASSOCIATION CHADIAN NATIONALS IN QUEBEC (2022) - Best Chadian musican artist in Canada
HAITIAN MUSIC AWARDS (2021) - Best International artist of the Year
CHAD AWARDS (2021) - Citizen of the Year Award in Chad and internationally // Award for the best Chadian artist
AFRIMA (All African Music Award) (2019) - Best African Act in the Diaspora // Best African Electro
AFRIMA (All African Music Award) (2018) Best African DJ SOCAN CANADA (2018) Hardy Hagood Award

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