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"ARTos & Theama" was founded in 2003 in Thessaloniki (Greece) by Anastasia Tamouridou with the objective of organizing, in collaboration with important institutions and festivals throughout Greece and abroad, high-quality cultural events, not only by representing internationally-known artists in Greece but also by undertaking the management of Greek artists within the country and abroad.

In collaboration with important institutions (local authorities, cultural clubs, private entertainment spaces, etc) and festivals (the Hellenic Festival, International Film Festival of Thessaloniki, Forum Universal de las Culturas - Barcelona 2004, Forum Universal de las Culturas - Monterrey, Mexico 2007, Patras 2006 Cultural Capital of Europe, Demetria Festival of Thessaloniki, Fira Mediterrania de Manresa in Catalunya, 7sois7luas,etc) throughout Greece and abroad, "ARTos & Theama" aspires to promote Greek culture by producing spectacles that demonstrate the work of significant artists from all over Greece and the area.

Furthermore, "ARTos & Theama" aims at inviting worldwide-known artists in Greece and the area of the Balkans in order to present their highly artistic productions in our country.

Policy of the company "ARTos & Theama", as well as the basic standard for our artistic productions selection, is the undoubtable quality both of the participants and the artistic result.

Music, Dance, Plastic Arts, Theatre and Cinema: in all cultural fields, "ARTos & Theama" shows a multifaceted attitude towards every artistic activity, having faith above all, in the creators, the performers and their artistic work.

Some of the artists that "ARTos & Theama" has worked with during these last seven years of its presence in the field of organising cultural events, are the following…

(Some of the) FOREIGN ARTISTS (we have collaborated with):
The Portuguese - fado princess - singer MARIZA, the Spanish - new star of flamenco-jazz - singer BUIKA, the last alive legend of the Cuban music golden age BEBO VALDES, the most important flamenco dancer in the world SARA BARAS, the two Spanish - Almodovar muses - actresses VICTORIA ABRIL and MARISA PAREDES, the famous Spanish composer and actor EMILIO ARAGÓN, the Grammy awarded Spanish trikitixa soloist and composer KEPA JUNKERA, the Hungarian legendary singer MÁRTA SEBESTYÉN, the Nobel Awarded Author JOSE SARAMAGO, the Italian - Oscar Award winner composer NICOLA PIOVANI, the Malian King of Kora TOUMANI DIABATÉ, the reknown pianist LUDOVICO EINAUDI, the Serbian Brass Band of SINISA STANKOVIC, the Bulgarian Clarinet magician IVO PAPASOV, the Turkish percussion soloist Misirli AHMET, and many more.

GREEK (or almost Greek) ARTISTS:
The "internationally acclaimed hot name on the Greek music scene" - the Greek singer ELEFTHERIA ARVANITAKI (worldwide exclusive representation), the most important and successful Greek lyricist of the last 30 years LINA NIKOLAKOPOULOU, the (almost Greek) Armenian oud soloist and composer ARA DINKJIAN, the multi-awarded, multi-skilled Greek composer and piano soloist MIMIS PLESSAS, the Greek singer DIMITRIS NIKOLOUDIS, one of the most interesting new Mediterranean-Balkan bands KONTRABANDO, the best Greek clarinet soloist MANOS ACHALINOTOPOULOS, the percussion group from Greece KROTALA (also participated in the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games of Athens), the artist ATHINA MAXIMOU, the Thessaloniki National Orchestra, the plastic arts’ artist KALLIOPI KALAVASI, the Greek groups C-REAL, STAVENTO, ONIRAMA and more.

For the year 2012, ARTos & Theama, continuing to offer best quality of events, has invited the “Fado Princess” Mariza, (continuing from the very successful live performance in Pallas – October 2010), the “New Spanish Star” singer Buika, (recently awarded a Latin Grammy) the renowned Italian piano soloist Ludovico Einaudi, (for the first time in Greece), the great Spanish guitarist and multi-awarded musical producer Javier Limón and the “King of Bubbles” Pep Bou to perform both in Athens and Thessaloniki and other major greek cities and festivals.

We are ALWAYS open to new ideas, new routes, new collaborations, ready to hear your suggestions…

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