Bipolar Bows

An extra-ordinary tandem of violin and cello which balances between classical, traditional, jazz, blues and balkan.

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The French-Belgian duo Bipolar Bows was born from a study project between cellist Toby Kuhn and violinist Lotte Remmen.They first met in 2016 in Slovenia when Toby jumped in as a bassist for Lotte's band Old Salt. Many jams and practice-sessions later they were a duo. Bipolar Bows gave the pair an outlet for the explorations of styles, traditions and techniques and adapting them to their instruments. In 2019, after much urging from friends and peers, they decided to bring their work to the stage and share beauty and delight with their public, a mosaic of music ranging from classical to traditional, to jazz, blues or funk, from the Balkans to Appalachia, always highlighting improvisations from the deepest corners of their brains..

Bipolar Bows has performed around Belgium since its debut in the 2019 Fiddlers on the Move Festival (Gent), and further abroad in the Kavč and Floating Castle festivals in Slovenia, live on Bulgarian radio, at the Umefolk festival in Sweden (2020) and at Dranouter Festival 2021. In December 2020 they released their debut album ‘Krunčhug’. In February 2021 they were chosen to be the winners of the first ‘Flanders Folk Awards’ for ‘most promising band’.

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  • WOMEX 2021
stand number WOMEX 21: E51-E56


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Bipolar Bows

Old Salt


"Krunčhug" - Bipolar Bows