Boom Alakrán

Boom Alakrán is pure latin flavour, a hot blend straight out of the streets

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Boom Alakrán is Retumba, a sound that travels the lands of classic salsa and kneads them with property. Feelings coming out of urban music, blues, rock, rap or electronics, highlighting live instruments proper of the Caribbean rhythms. Sound sensation achieved through a creative process that started in 2017, researching the different dynamics of urban music, its platforms, trends and representative artists, to produce a refreshing sound, which democratically involves different genres, encapsulating them in various songs that were presented with very good reception throughout 2019 at cultural events and bar circuits in the city of Medellín-Colombia, earning more than 60 live shows, which helped to make us visible in the region. Boom Alakrán is an authentic project with a great future perspective in the music scene. It is a music project that uses Automation as an enhancer of the versatility of each member and their instrument. Boom Alakrán recorded in 2019 an unpublished album with 7 songs, in our own studio PALUDISKO records. So far we´ve released 3 singles that can be found in all platforms. We would like to highlight “EL CÓDIGO”, which was selected in the playlists “Friday Colombia” and “Nuevo Macondo” on Spotify Latam. During the Pandemic, Boom Alakran has shaped his 2020 album, from which is about to release the single "ASINTOMÁTICO" (“asymptomatic”).
A tasty piece of music that continues to show the band´s maturity and the diversity of our proposal. Boom Alakrán has been selected for the show case round in Circulart 2020 that will have its online version in November this year due to the Covid 19 circumstances.


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  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo


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