Sidy Samb was a founder of
"Martires del Compas", one of the
main Flamenco-Pop spanish band.
He comes from a "Griot Family",
holders of the oldest Senegal
traditions. He is the son of Daro
Mbaye, one of the most famous
singer of that country and from who
he learned all the techniques and
songs from Senegal.

He recorded three CDs with "Martires
del Compas": "Flamenco Billy”,
"Prohibido dar el cante", and "Al
compás de la llaga dolorida". He has
collaborated with a lot of spanish
pop stars. Between others Ana
Belén, Víctor Manuel, Kiko Veneno
and Raimundo Amador.

In 2004 he recorded "La Sombra del
Duende". All of the songs are original
material, and the music is a exciting
mix between jazz, reague, pop, and
flamenco. Traditional instruments,
like "cora", "balafon", "djembe" and
"bugarabu", mixed armonicaly with
modern instruments like drums,
bass, electric guitar, keyboards and
spanish guitar. In this project have
collaborated musicians like
Raimundo Amador, Diego Amador,
Pepe Bao, Joaquín Megallón, Alex
Icot, Valentín Ponce, Álvaro Gandul
and Pape Ndyaye. The songs are in
Wolof, Mandinga, Spanish and
French languaje.

He has participated in festivals like
Womad, Etnosur, La mar de
Músicas, Bam, Festival of Getxo,
Midem, etc,…

He recorded for the african market:
“Ascanwi” (2004), “Morena” (2005), in
this CD Youssou Ndour sing with
Sidy Samb in the song “Daan San
Doolé”, and “Gnun Gnep Thilen”

Now Sidy Samb is recording his new
CD between Dakar, Sevilla, Madrid
and Mississippi.