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Expert medicine
Expert medicine
Expert medicine
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Swimming lessons


Expert medicine - Swimming lessons
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  • country:Greece
  • region:Athens
  • style(s):Rock, Electro
  • label:The sound of everything
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter, DJ/Remixer
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:DNA Label

Line up

  • Alexis Zabaras (guitar)
  • Andreas Siourounis (drums,vocals)
  • Babis Kourtaras (Bass,vocals)
  • Thomas Pitikakis dj Everlast (decks,samplers)


> 1997 2007
Expert Medicine were originally formed back in 1997, although their line-up changed a lot of times until 2003. They performed live at several music venues and open air festivals in Greece and abroad, while their first studio album "Swimming Lessons" was released in 2006 (Dna Lab_el), followed by a sold-out live show, and a tour in Central and Northern Greece.

Funk, rock, acid-jazz, and trip-hop influences, English lyrics, highly melodic compositions and the combination of electric and acoustic instruments with samplers and decks, were the characteristics of that album and that period in general. A period which concluded when singer Jennie Kapadai left from E.M., in the summer of 2007.

Today, the band performs as a quartet. Some of the aforementioned characteristics are still here but many things have changed. Steady beats and heavy basslines, vocal loops, distorted samples and a general electro - dance attitude have significantly replaced rock, trip-hop and jazzy elements. Bass player Babis Kourtaras and drummer Andreas Siourounis are also the main vocalists of the band along with guest singers, both on stage and in studio.

>New Album out in May
The departure of singer Jennie Kapadai as well as the experimentation with new sound-styles and the production of new material, inevitably kept Expert Medicine away from studio recordings for almost four years.
Now, the band returns with its second album, "Perfect Maniac", which will be released on May 10th 2010, under "The Sound of Everything" label. The new C.D. was recorded, programmed, mixed and produced by Expert Medicine, at group's personal studio "The Medicine", from March to November 2009.

The live presentation of "Perfect Maniac" will take place on May 7th, at Metropolis Live Stage in Athens. You can view details and band info at

Alexis Zabaras: guitar
Andreas Siourounis: drums and vocals
Babis Kourtaras: bass and vocals
Thomas Pitikakis "dj Everlast": decks and samplers

Akis Paschalakis: sound engineer