Pop/folk/hipster/swinger/eco music band, looking for agents and managers to take part in folk music festivals and touring.

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"Ducele" is an union of four musically experienced men, formed in 2016 and known as the Latvian eco-pop/folk/hipster/swinger-rock band.
Its members: Arnis Veisbārdis (voice, guitar), Andris Alviķis (voice, double bass, percussion), Artūrs Uškāns (voice, accordion, kokle, bagpipes, pipes, guitar) and Mārcis Kalniņš (voice, banjo, bouzouki, guitar), are not shy to be bright characters both in content and visually. In "Ducele" songs, and especially in opinions expressed between them at concerts, there's a healthy self-irony, while the glamorous stage costumes could make even world-famous fashion designers pale.
The name of the group is taken from the local Suiti language. Ducele means a lightweight, mobile carriage that can load a lot and then move around quickly. In the case of a band, that could mean ease in the way music is delivered, but a huge baggage on which it is based.
"Ducele" performs well-known and lesser-known Latvian folk songs in their arrangements, as well as original songs, which are becoming more and more. The range of chanted topics is quite wide - about the wisdom of boys and girls, riding with horses and looking for girls, looking for a groom and marrying, about warfare and peaceful times, about love and divorce, and - last but no least - about making love, and other important phenomena in life.
There have already been two locally well-received "Ducele" albums, "Tā viš i" and "Tā viš i 2", and there is no indication that this will end the discography of the band. On the contrary. "Ducele" is ready to go to the far blue horizons and make anyone who is ready to listen to their pop/folk/whatever-there-was music smile.
Also listeners arrive at the group concerts in unusual costumes, wearing a bowler hat or a cylinder, a retro-cool suit or dress, sticking a beard... "Ducele" makes and lets feel free, but under one rule - the long and grey beard of group vocalist and guitarist Arnis should not be twitched because it is real! Just like the soul of the musician sang in the songs together with the band members.

Management: Arnis Veisbārdis, + 371-29499537, arnis.veisbardis@gmail.com
Communication: Kaspars Zaviļeiskis, + 371-26593669, kaspars.zavileiskis@gmail.com

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  • WOMEX 2019


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Ducele Live - Riga VEF Concert Hall ( LR2)

6 th of March, 2019....

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"Ducele" is an union of four musically...

Pop/folk/hipster/swinger/eco music band

"Ducele" is an union of four musically...