PoiL Ueda (Japan/France)
Poil Ueda Yoshitsune cover by Lilas


The Heike-Monogatari depicts the epic tale of the hero Yoshitsune, who brought victory to his Genji clan in its epic war with the Heike clan. After years of war, the Heike clan was finally defeated at the naval battle at Dan-no-Ura bay. The Genji assumed power in Kamakura, south of modern day Tokyo, and ruled Japan from 1192 to 1333, establishing what is now known as the Kamakura period. Minamoto-no-Yoritomo was the general of Genji and the older brother of Yoshitsune, who swore his loyalty to Yoritomo. Despite Yoshitsune’s heroic service and solemn oath, Yoritomo still suspected that he secretly intended to take over the government, and ordered his assassination. Yoshitsune was forced into exile.

"Traditional Japanese satsuma-biwa playing and Buddhist chanting find a surprising congruence with prog freakouts."
The Wire. JR Moores

"A wildly loud fusion of the ancient and the future."
NPR Music, All song considered. Bob Boilen

"Ueda's vocals are hugely, dramatically expressive, fierce and sharp. She rocks, and so does PoiL Ueda"
The Quietus

Antoine Arnera I keyboards, vocals
Boris Cassone I guitar, vocals
Benoit Lecomte I acoustic bass
Guilhem Meier I drums, vocals
Junko Ueda I satsuma biwa, vocals

Stéphane Piot I recording
RemyBoy I mix & mastering
Lilas | artwork
Judith Saurel I Layout
Clément Dupuis | executive production
Adrien Arnera I Administration
With the support of CNM, Région AURA, SCPP
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