Dur et Doux

Racing club whose frequent mating rituals produce brand-new bands, the kind whose imagination does not fall through the cracks of commercial logic!

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Dur et Doux is a collective of musicians, a label and a production structure that praises amplification and the atypical.
Born in 2008, it gathers today about thirty professional musicians of rock, jazz and innovative musics.

Dur et Doux accompanies the musicians and their creations through distribution, promotion, advice, phonographic production and the production of shows. The collective shares human, logistical and financial resources. Dur et Doux invents places populated with acrobatic amplified music in which everything happens or almost. Child of the learned and popular sound revolutions, Dur et Doux creates a singular musical space, open to the world and its music, with a healthy distrust of reductive labels. Since its creation, Dur et Doux has grown in contact with the unexpected, with creations that never resemble each other, mixing genres and drawing new islands of public.

Dur et Doux does not define itself through a uniform aesthetic and does not brandish any stylistic banner. It defends a singular vision of amplified music, carried by about fifteen groups which have in common the concern of the detail and the love of the invention. They mix their awareness of the history of music with a desire to fight, transforming academic composition techniques into instant energy, and have been drawing the outlines of an exciting adventure for ten years.




participating in

  • WOMEX 2023
  • WOMEX 2022
  • WOMEX 2016
  • WOMEX 2015
  • WOMEX 2014


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"PoiL Ueda" - PoiL Ueda (Japan/France)

"Furvent" - Grand Sbam

"Resiliente" - Mula

"Sus" - PoiL

"L'Effondras" - L'Effondras

"Building Lampshades" - Saint Sadrill

"Pierre Vide Eau" - Icsis

"Brossaklitt" - PoiL

"1000" - Chromb!

"Awo" - uKanDanZ