Erlend Viken Trioofficial WOMEX 17 showcase

Line up

  • Erlend Viken (fiddle, Hardanger fiddle )
  • Leo Svensson Sander (cello)
  • Marius Graff (guitar, electric guitar, banjo )

As invigorating as breathing in the air of a crisp Nordic morning, the Erlend Viken Trio introduce a fresh new approach to Scandinavian folk music, blending elements of desert blues, old-time American music and folk-rock energy into a vibrant collection of roots-based compositions. Fiddle player Erlend Viken started the group in 2013, releasing a well-received debut album the following year. After a hiatus, during which he won first prize in the elite Category A in the National Contest for Traditional Music, he relaunched the trio in 2016 with two new colleagues: Marius Graff on acoustic and electric guitars and banjo and Swedish cellist Leo Svensson Sander. Together they create something impressively new with the chemistry between them, moving from elegiac atmospheres through free-wheeling improvisatory passages to exuberant interpretations of traditional dance tunes. Breathe it in.



  • Erlend Viken Trio

    type:WOMEX 17 Showcase

Erlend Viken Trio


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