Dimitris Mystakidis

Dimitris Mystakidis


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Line up

  • Dimitris Mystakidis (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Dimitris Pappas (Guitar)
  • Giorgos Talabounis (Guitar)
  • Ifigenia Ioannou (Vocals)


Dimitris Mystakidis is a folk guitar virtuoso and rembetiko revitalizer, performing rembetiko exclusively with folk guitar.
This is the musical instrument that he also teaches in the undergraduate program of the Department of Traditional and Folk Music in Epirus School of Arts and in the postgraduate program of the Department of Music Science and Art in University of Macedonia (Greece). He has published two books, for Lute and for Folk Guitar.
(availability for workshops)

Touring formats:

AMERIKA - Solo rembetiko/blues act
Prompted by the special "tsibiti" technique (rembetiko fingerpicking) and the singular guitar playing of Katsaros, Doussas and A. Kostis, Dimitris Mystakidis reinterprets in his own personal manner rembetika that were written by Greek immigrants in the United States from 1890 to 1930.

Rembetiko fingerpicking, a.k.a. the “tsibiti” technique was developed in the United States in the beginning of the 20th century. Influenced by the fingerpicking technique of Afroamerican bluesmen, Greek musicians embraced the distinct open tunings they found in America, creating an original guitar playing technique.

ESPERANTO - Quartet act
Preserving the eastern aura of the genre, along with distinct influences from manouche and blues and his arrangements exclusively for folk guitar, Dimitris is setting a performance of high passion and virtuosity, revealing the beauty of rembetiko.

Dimitris and his band, all former students of his, present an anthology by some of the most important rembetiko songs, covering the whole rembetiko creation period (end of 19th to mid of 20th century).


Dimitris Mystakidis

Dimitris Mystakidis