• country:Canada
  • region:North America
  • style(s):Celtic
  • label:Roues et Archets
  • artist posted by:Genticorum


Genticorum is an energetic and original Quebecois traditional music trio.Well rooted in the music of their native province, the band also incorporates the dynamism of today’s North American and European
folk cultures.The albums “Malins Plaisirs” (Roues et Archets, 2005)
and “Le Galarneau” (Vizou, 2002) offer a blend of traditional songs
and tunes as well as original compositions.Weaving wooden flute,
fiddle, acoustic guitar, jaw harp, bass, foot percussion and strong vocal
harmony, the trio produces a tapestry of musical textures giving them
their distinctive sound. Since their debut in 2000, Genticorum has
forged a solid place for itself in the folk festival circuit, concert halls
and dances throughout Canada and the United States.