Line up

  • Lara (arrangements, flute, guitar, vocals, percussions)


As a child Lara Leliane used to listen to her mother play Bach, Satie, Chopin, Mozart and Brahms on the piano.

At the age of six she started to learn the transverse flute, and later the piano and the guitar.

When Lara Leliane finished primary school, her mother took her and her siblings on a seven year trip around Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal.

“Everyday I used to retreat for a while to write down my impressions of the journey in the form of letters to a very dear friend. That was a good writing exercise.”

In that same period Lara Leliane started writing her first songs, inspired by the wild nature, which deeply shaped her universe.
For a living, performances were organized in churches and public places where the villagers would gather.

On these occasions Lara used to sing mainly traditional Spanish songs, accompanied by her brother and sisters.


"Lara" - Lara