For almost a quarter of a century, homerecords.be produces and releases high-quality records. François Mauger (FR)

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For nearly 10 years, we have been working towards a new, fair, and sustainable music economy that provides a healthy alternative to the current stagnant market, which only benefits a minority of artists. We believe that this is the most solid alternative to pool resources and empower artists. Recording, mixing, mastering, and post-production are complemented by the most advanced support and development policies, which have a short-term impact on artists, with a sharp, demanding, and recognizable sonic signature.

At our label, there are no niche genres. On the contrary, we work to break down musical barriers and defy formats. Our artists represent a vibrant, thriving, creative, and original scene that goes beyond the expected frameworks of commercial products (though we certainly do not shun success). We prioritize the uniqueness of the artistic expression of our songwriters and composers, giving priority to original creations. In our productions, with few exceptions, there are rarely standards or cover songs.

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  • WOMEX 2022
  • WOMEX 2021
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stand number WOMEX 23: 119-120, 129-131


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MEET US FRIDAY 27 October @ WOMEX belgian...





Photis Ionatos

Didier François


"Ghost Travellers" - Ottus

"The Seven Gardens" - Aurélie Dorzée & Tom Theuns

"Gloom" - Jeroen Van Vliet - Afra Mussawisade

"Gote D'Èwe" - La Crapaude

"ilia" - ilia


"Duo" - Bart Praet

"Proche Orience" - Marie Fikry

"Liqa'" - The Ghent Folk Violin Project

"Mi Verdad" - Esteban Murillo

"Elegio" - Photis Ionatos

"Meadows" - Clarinet Factory

"Lara" - Lara

"Allumettes" - Geneviève Laloy

"Camiño" - Ialma

"Tyto Alba" - Green Moon

"Scattered Rhymes" - Zefiro Torna

"Seagull Tango" - Diab Quintet

"Monade" - Yves Teicher

"Mundo Perdido" - Trovadotres

"Dreamy Train" - Taxídi

"Qui c'est qui?" - Alain Frey

"Jedid" - Osama Abdulrasol

"Périples" - Photis Ionatos

"Gift" - Sigrid Vandenbogaerde

"L'art de Voler" - Aurélie Dorzée & Tom Theuns

"Inn Of Love" - Melike

"Next Spring" - Mehmet Polat trio

"en Bruselas" - Astor Quintet

"Accordion Samurai" - Accordion Samurai

"Chansons pour la fin d'un jour" - Wouter Vandenabeele, Emre Gültekin

"Violons de Bruxelles" - Violons de Bruxelles

"Mousso Lou" - Mamy Kanouté

"BELEM" - Didier Laloy & Kathy Adam

"Turlu Tursu" - Turlu Tursu

"E40" - Dazibao

"Krakalin" - Ambrozijn

"Les Tisserands" - Amorroma / Traces / Zefiro Torna

"Season 3 & 4" - Funk Sinatra

"Or propos" - Claire Goldfarb

"Gardadvergur" - Deux accords diront

"Versions originales" - Thierry Crommen

"Alma" - Dazibao

"Elevé en plein air" - A Consommer De Préférence

"Hors-piste" - Jean-Christophe Renault & Didier Laloy

"Cryptonique" - Fabian Beghin & Didier Laloy

"Nocturne" - Soetkin Collier

"Hypnogol" - Aurélia

"Brand new world" - Didier François

"Vitamine K" - Klezmic Zirkus