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It's Alive! Media was founded by Josh Mills in 2002. We are a full-service public relations company with a concentration in music and technology publi

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It’s Alive! Media provides its clients with a wide variety of PR and marketing services. This includes the creation and servicing of corporate and consumer press releases, full-service press campaigns involving some or all of the following: national press, tour press, trade & industry press and electronic & mass media press.

Current and former consumer clients include:

*Universal Music Group (The Who – TOMMY, Elton John – GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK
ROAD, Melissa Etheridge – S/T and The GREASE 25th ANNIVERSARY soundtrack)
*Manifesto Records (Dead Kennedys)
*Frontier Records (The Weirdos)
*Mobilization Recordings (Savage Republic)
*Sea Level Records (Kennedy, Rex Aqarium)
*Dionysus Records (Twisted Roots, Thrills, Peach Fuzz, Bolides)
*M80 Music (Morning 40 Federation)
*Cleopatra Recordings (Loop Guru – BATHTIME WITH LOOP GURU)
*Subthunk (Ureneely Recordings)
*The 88 (EMK/Mootron Records)
*Bedroom Walls (Giant Cats)
*Tone (Dischord)
*Gwendolyn & Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang (Whippersquish Records)

Primary genres for consumer press include: Punk, Alternative, Pop, Industrial, World Music, Gothic, Kids and Electronic music. We specialize in high-profile reissues, new releases and local/indie bands for tour press, regional & national campaigns.

Current and former corporate clients include:

*IRIS Distribution (
*Liquid Digital Media (formerly Liquid Audio,
* (
*Experience Records (

Josh Mills has worked in public relations since 1996. He has worked for a variety of independent and corporate companies including independent label World Domination Recordings, national live music venue House of Blues and with digital music distributor Liquid Audio. Additionally, he has consulted for Ark21 Records, Motormouth Media, Transistor Recordings and Liquid Digital Media. His experience in the music industry has run the gamut from consumer press, live music/venue press to music technology corporate/business press.

For more information, please call: 323-464-6314 or email



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