La Rioja Sounds

When you think about La Rioja, do you think of wine?
Think again! We have the freshest talent ready to take over the world...

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Representing talent from La Rioja, in Spain. We have 5 amazing bands to present to the world:

- CUERDAS Y TECLAS: Sounds departing with the hurdy-gurdy and the closeness of a female voice, the duo propose a trip with detail, both visually and musically. The repertoire goes from traditional regional songs from La Rioja to sephardic music, going through melodies collected from old songbooks, everything, in an eclectic and timeless concept.

- OCKAMI: Deemed beautiful, transcendental, almost erotic by the Spanish press, OCKAMI is a band based in northern Spain. Their music has evolved organically into a blend of neosoul, triphop and folk. The singer, originally from New Orleans, was recently named the best voice right now in the regional music scene. The band is currently recording and plans to release their debut EP at the beginning of 2023.

- RIO CUMBIA: A Rioja-Colombian band mixing cumbia and latin rhythms with Spanish rumba, afrobeat, folk and rock, paying a true tribute to the meaning of cumbia: A mix of European, African and indigenous cultures creating upbeat happy music with a unique female vocal, drums, maracas, and a strong personality on stage that makes everyone dance while exploring these exciting sounds and original songs.

- TARUMBA PERCUSION: One of the most powerful street bands of Spain, they combine countless elements to make every show unique and unforgettable. Rooted in percussion and voice, they explore different genres through a trip around the world, from Latin America to Africa, Europe and South East Asia; With a strong choreography to surprise the audience and make a unique connection through dance and rhythm.

- TÜNDRA: 'One of the best bands of the Spanish folk scene', that is how they were introduced in the Radio 3 concerts on National TV when they released their third album: "Voces del desarraigo, músicas de la España vaciada" in 2021. With this work, they raise the voice of the under populated regions of Celtiberia.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2022
stand number WOMEX 22: 124-131


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