Los Gaiteros de Ovejas

Los Gaiteros de Ovejas
Al Mejor Estilo
Showcase at Circulart
Gaiteros at home
Los Gaiteros de Ovejas Band Line Up
Showcase at SXSW


Arcade Fire Feat. Bomba Estereo y Los Gaiteros de Ovejas
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  • country:Colombia
  • region:Caribbean
  • style(s):Colombianas, Cumbia
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, percussion
  • artist posted by:Loa Productora

Line up

  • Henry Ortiz (Director and Gaita Hembra )
  • José Luis Ricardo (Tambora (Percussion))
  • José Víctor Ricardo  (Tambor Alegre (Percussion))
  • Naime Baloco  (Lead Vocal)
  • Nawi Blanco  (Llamador (percussion) and Gaita Hembra)
  • Owuen Chamorro  (Gaita Macho)


Hailing from Ovejas - Sucre on Colombia´s interior Caribbean coast, Los Gaiteros de Ovejas is a 6 - piece ensemble playing the sound of the ancestral indigenous Gaita and percussion instruments. For the last 34 years and two generations, the group has been composed their own songs, achieving a wonderful and authentic combination of traditional rhythms of cumbia, porro, currulao and everyday stories that happen in their town and in the countryside.

Los Gaiteros de Ovejas offer:
- Powerful live shows!!
- Workshops: instrumental perfomances and lutheria (building) of gaitas and percussions.
- Sales: instruments + accessories (Gaitas and Percussions) and handicrafts .

Since 2017, the new generation has collaborated with wellknown bands such as Arcade Fire and Bomba Estereo, as well as other dj producers (Cerrero, Cero 39, Vilamarea) and local artists. The group was selected for official showcases at national and international music conferences such as Mercado Cultural del Caribe (Cartagena, 2019), Circulart (Medellín, 2018), Colombia 4.0 (Bogotá, 2018) and SXSW (Austin TX 2019). They are also a multiple winner of Festival Nacional de Gaitas Francisco Llirene, as Best Gaita Artist Performance.

The two albums, “Pa´Amanecé” (2017) and “Al Mejor Estilo” (2020), were recorded by Chris Castagno, the renowned Grammy-award winning musician and producer,based in Minca (Sierra Nevada, Colombia). From March to June 2022, the group got again into Selva Negra (Castagno´s studio) to record their third album, an EP that will be released this year.

Currently, the group is focused on:

- Working on a new musical collaboration project and tour in Canada in the summer of 2023.
- Developing their own virtual market place to comercialize their gaitas, percussions, accessories and handicrafts in support of fair trade and conscious consumption of local instruments and handicrafts.