Los Gaiteros de Ovejas

Los Gaiteros de Ovejas
Los Gaiteros de Ovejas in their town
Los Gaiteros de Ovejas
Los Gaiteros de Ovejas with Stuart Bogie (Arcade Fire)


Arcade Fire Feat. Bomba Estereo y Los Gaiteros de Ovejas
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  • country:Colombia
  • region:Caribbean
  • style(s):Colombianas, Cumbia
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, percussion
  • artist posted by:Loa Productora

Line up

  • Henry Ortiz (Gaita Hembra )
  • Owen Chamorro (Gaita Macho)


For 30 years Los Gaiteros de Ovejas have performed the sound of the representative Gaita of Ovejas, Sucre, in the interior of the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Los Gaiteros offer concerts, instrument building workshops, knowledge exchange talks. Last December they participated in the remix Everything Now of the Canadian band Arcade Fire with Bomba Estereo and they also were invited to play at the Arcade Fire concert in Bogotá. This year they have been selected for Showcase in Circulart (Medellín, Colombia) on november and they also will be part of the Official Colombian Delegation that will go to Womex 2018 management by Loa Productora. Next year Los Gaiteros de Ovejas will have an official showcase at the South by Southwest (SXSW) 2019 edition in Austin, Texas.

The work of Los Gaiteros de Ovejas originates in the field, from the sowing of the seed as raw material for the construction of their instruments. They, as luthiers, are responsible for giving life to their Gaitas and Percussions, and to teach younger generations to interpret their sound. That's why their music was born in Jagüey (that's the name of the water source that gives life to the ecosystem of their seeds) and reaches the ears of the world!
During Womex we want to open new circuits in Europe, North America and Asia through making contact with bookers, labels and cultural journalists to help us expand our ancestral knowledge and music to the world.