Loa Productora

Based in Cali and Bogotá (Colombia), we represent the iconic tropical record label Discos Fuentes and Fest. Arrullos del Pacífico. Stand 242-244.

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Loa Productora is a cultural agency based in Bogotá and Cali – Colombia. Loa has 16 years of experience headed by its directors Paola Valdivieso and María Garcés.

We specialize in:

- Designing network meetings to gather Colombian and international music agents in partnership with platforms, festivals, conferences, fairs and cultural markets to promote relationships for accessible and sustainable opportunities in the music sector.

- Co-designing and coordinating exchange projects and musical collaborations.

We manage Los Gaiteros de Ovejas (Colombian Caribbean Coast), Dj Vinyl Selector Loa Malbec (Bogotá) and we tour with “Que Viva la Música!”, our itinerant Vinyl record meeting, market and party display.

We currently work hand to hand with our partners: Pacificarte Foundation – Festival de Arrullos del Pacífico (Buenaventura, Colombia) and Discos Fuentes - Edimusica (Medellín, Colombia).

For this Womex 2022 edition, we will focus on:

- Representing Discos Fuentes offer, the iconic 88-year-old Tropical record label based in Medellín - Colombia, dedicated to commercialize its huge music catalog (more than 22.000 songs available to license for synch deals and new remixes) and its artist catalog (Afrosound, The Latin Brothers, Cumbia Stars, among many others).

- Connecting with cultural organizations, nonprofit entities and related festivals, who are interested on working in partnership with us and Pacificarte Foundation to develop cultural exchanges and attend the 2023 version of the Fest Arrullos del Pacífico (Buenaventura, Colombia).

- Offering our tour management services in Colombia.

- Linking with new contacts an opportunities for our artists and vinyl record project Que Viva la Música!

Loa´s trajectory summary:
- Design and coordinate the "Strengthening Process and Network Meeting for Buenaventura´s artistic community" (Mincultura – Pacificarte, 2022).
- Co-design the strategy and coordinate the Colombian delegation networking for the project “Colombia at Womex” (Mincultura – Procolombia, 2017 a 2020).
- Design and coordinate the Colombian Agents Meeting and Colombian showcase Lucio Feullet at “Global Toronto Conference/Small World Music” (2020 - 2021).
- Design and coordinate the strengthening process and network meeting for “Medellín Creativa Program” (Mayor´s office, 2019).
- Design and coordinate the training process for the selected artists and their participation in network meeting and showcases at “MercoArt 2021” (Mayor´s office. Bucaramanga, Colombia).
- Production of musical stages at “Feria Eva” for Tu Artista - Cultural Agency (Bogotá, 2021 – 2022).
- Design and coordinate the training process for the selected artists and their participation in network meeting for “Festival Juvenil de Música y Danza - Empelicularte 2019” (Surtigas Foundation, Government of Córdoba, Colombia).
- Design and coordinate the networking scenario “Juntanza de Orilla a Orilla” for Festival de Arrullos del Pacífico 2021 (Pacificarte Foundation, Buenaventura, Colombia).
- Workshop leaders of Crea Sonidos Pacífico Program (Colombian Government, 2020).
- Que Viva la Música! at Circulart: production of vinyl record market, curatorship and dj's selectors stage programming for Circulart 2019 (Medellín, Colombia).
- “La Ruta del Vinilo”: production of dj´s selectors stages for Bogotá Mayor´s Office and executive producer Rodrigo Duarte, october 2019.
- Co-design and coordinate the strengthening process “Del Jagüey al Oído and Los Gaiteros de Ovejas” for Pnud (ONU), Colombian Government and Portafónico Agency (2017 - 2019).

Stand 242-244. (Colombian delegation)



participating in

  • WOMEX 2022
  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo
  • WOMEX 2019
  • WOMEX 2018


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