Louvana Records

Independent record label in Cyprus, booking agency and promoters of Fengaros Festival and Studio eleven63 live video sessions.

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Louvana Records is an independent record label founded by Lefteris Moumtzis and Andreas Trachonitis in Cyprus, that also runs it's own studio (Studio eleven63).

The label has been organising Fengaros Festival since 2010, where many alternative Cypriot and international artists have performed including Monsieur Doumani, Marina Satti & Fonέs, Joan As Police Woman, Deerhoof, Joss Stone, Alice Phoebe Lou, TootArd, Fantastic Negrito, Xylouris White, and Larry Gus, amongst others. Fengaros Festival is Cyprus' first and most-attended popular music festival of its kind.

Besides it's own releases, Louvana Records also promotes the live video 'eleven63 Sessions' online and operates Louvana Agency.

Louvana Agency roster:
Marina Satti & Fonέs (GR) - Middle East, Balkans
Balothizer (UK) - Europe
Freedom Candlemaker (CY) - Europe
Arcadian Child (CY) - Europe
Eleni Era (DE) - Europe
Private Agenda (DE/UK) - Europe
Kostas Makrygiannakis (GR) - Europe

Louvana Records Releases:
Kombuja - 'Diamond Days': psychedelic rock, Cyprus
Eleni Era - 'Rise Love': dream pop, Germany
Theologos Mamolis - 'Luxemvourgo': folk rock, Greece
Balothizer - 'Cretan Music From Hell': Cretan punk, UK
Kostas Makrygiannakis - 'Fragments': classical guitar, Greece
Sotires - 'Sotires': folk rock, Cyprus/Greece
Belua - 'As Good A Time As Any': folk psychedelic rock, Cyprus
Lefteris Moumtzis - 'Now Happiness': neo-folk, Cyprus
J. Kriste, Master of Disguise - 'The Age of Now': folk rock, Cyprus
Stelafi - 'O Siderokoftis': alternative folk rock, Cyprus
Isaac's Cello - 'Here's Your Ears': alternative rock, Cyprus



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eleven63 Sessions

The eleven63 Sesssions are an audio-visual series...


Fengaros Festival