Maja & David

Maja & David is a wholehearted unity between two musical backgrounds from each side of the Atlantic Ocean. ”Simply beautiful” – Alex Monaghan, 2015

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Maja & David are known for their phenomenal contact on stage, and they possess the ability to create an intense atmosphere around their music. The soundscape moves from only one fiddle, to sounding like a whole fiddle quartet with percussion and a lead singer.

The duo’s most recent CD “CPH-Café-YUL” came out in May 2015, and two years after the debut “NORD”, released in June 2013, time and touring have added more layers to the soundscape. They both sing more, David plays Jaw Harp to Maja’s composition “Après Apéro” and harmonica on his own Québécois song “Quel Triste Sort”, Maja appears more on the Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle as well as adding foot stomping on several tracks.

During the last three years the duo has toured in Europe, Canada and USA, at big festivals such as Tønder Festival (DK) and Mémoire et Racine (QC, CAN) and small venues, as well as giving master classes in several music academies of Denmark and Sweden.

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Maja & David


"CPH-Café-YUL" - Maja & David