Hugo Otto
Pedro Leal
Renato Oliveira
1º Album - didj dance all beauty


The earth , the air, the fire, the water return
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Europe tour 2019 / track Elements
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  • country:Portugal
  • style(s):Dance, World Fusion
  • label:not signed
  • type:Trio
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, woodwind, dance orchestra
  • artist posted by:Natural Groove Records

Line up

  • Hugo Otto (Vocals, percussion)
  • Pedro Leal (Drums, Electronics)
  • Renato Oliveira (Didgeridoo, electronics)


OliveTreeDance is a trio from Portugal with enthusiastic live energy that plays a fusion of natural trance with latin, jazz and afro brasilian styles full of ancient sounds with contemporary rhythms of tecnoland which creates a vibrating and fresh organic dancemusic, featured by irregular tempos and tasty grooves. Born in 2005 in Porto, they have been touring countries since the launch the debut single "Airport Tunnel" in 2007. feats nowadays Renato Oliveira - didgeridoo, Pedro Leal - Drums and Hugo Otto - percussion & voice

2010 DIDJI DANCE ALL BEAUTY recorded by Renato Oliveira, Tito Silva and Pedro Vasconcelos is the debut album of Olive Tree Dance and undoubtedly a pearl of Powerful UpBeat Ethnic Acoustic Trance Music with, 11 complex and very dynamic compositions. In this Album OTD creates its own New style of Dance Music. This album quickly reached the 3rd of Portuguese Billboard Charts.

2014 SYMBOLOGY is the 2nd album of Olive Tree Dance recorded by Renato Oliveira, Marcio Pinto and Pedro Vasconcelos and its the one in which the band adds to its already unique style of rhythm and patterns a whole new world of melody and meaning with 13 songs that are interconnected and by a the concept “spell wave” of the Mayan Calendar. A matrix of time they used to help this Civilization to Grow spiritually. This work is also a boardgame that leads people to understand in depth the concept of their music and the mystic of this calendar. Until this date OTD is the first and only band creating this kind of Masterpiece as music and cover album artwork.

2021 announcements with the band preparing " Water Return" with 8 studio recording tracks to be released in the end of this year. The concept is inspired by the Knowledge that Modern Industrial Society has relied upon the power and Caracter of Fire to forward civilization war and destruction and left behind the Awareness of Emotion for Reason used Light against Darkness and so have unbalanced the Elements in Our Culture, "Water Return" calls for the new Age of Ecology, Emotional intelligence and Cultural Fluidity with songs that speak and sound About Permaculture, Non-Violence and Oneness being part of universal movement of discovery, dissolving borders and boundaries.


"SYMBOLOGY CD-BoardGame" - OliveTreeDance