Natural Groove Records

We are an independent publisher and booking agency from Portugal cooperating with artists and promoters since 2009.

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We are an independent publisher and booking agency helping artists and promoters reaching theirs goals in a small work team environment. With a very specific market target, we are specialized in ETNO DANCE BANDS that owe music within the musical genre OTM - ORGANIC TRANCE MUSIC. Since 2009, we have managed the career and worked with musicians who play world music instruments derived from the smallest regions, played by tribal peoples and that, in the process, there is a search for an exotic sound that transports us through the purely contagious dance and vibration melted with electronics.

Main Partners with NGR since October 31, 2009

Boom Festival - Portugal
FMM Sines - Portugal
Festival Islamico de Mertola - Portugal
Festival Med - Portugal
Festival OZORA - Hungary
Festival Freedom - Portugal
Festival Universo Parallelo - Brasil
Festival Transahara - Marocco
Shankra Festival - Switzerland
Bioritme Festival - Spain
Atman Festival - Sri Lanka
FATT Festival - Portugal
Own Spirit Festival - Spain
Ruigoord Festival - Netherlands
Festival Le revê de l’Aborigene
Associação Académica do Algarve, Porto, Evora, Guarda, Bragança, Aveiro - Portugal
Teatro Municipal da Guarda, Viseu, Coimbra, Vila Real, Estarreja, Almada - Portugal
Casa da Musica do Porto - Portugal
Casa das Artes de Famalicão - Portugal
SXSW Texas , Usa - USA
CAE de Portalegre e CAE de Guimarães - Portugal
Associação de músicos de Faro. - Portugal
Fnac Novos Talentos - Portugal
Worten Novos Talentos. - Portugal
Optimos Discos 2009 - Portugal
St Gallen Busker Festival - Switzerland
Pilsen Busker Festival - Czech Republic


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