Mucho Indio
Mucho Indio
  • country:Colombia
  • style(s):Electronic, Indigenous
  • label:Polen Records
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Polen Records

Line up

  • Ernesto  (guitars, flutes and programming)
  • Juan Carlos  (Percussion)
  • Pedro Ojeda (Percussion and drums)

On a journey where melodies were transcribed and different traditional indigenous instruments rejoined, Mucho Indio reaffirms its commitment to the recovery of earth´s sacred sounds. To celebrate this musical journey that brings us closer to the ethnic and cultural diversity of Colombia, Polen Records proudly presents Mucho Indio.

Mucho Indio is a group of musicians in the search for ancestral wisdom and its spirituality. Musicians that are making a new kind of music by combining traditional melodies with modern western technics in a new racial mix based on respect. Mucho Indio is the musical version of the paleofuturist laboratory, a method that Teto Ocampo describes as “the search for the music of the future in the past. To learn from the ritual in ancestral music in order to find a new ritual that allows music to be done with your guts and genes.”

Mucho Indio is the result of more than five years of on-the-ground research investigation lead by Ocampo in a musical and spiritual journey that took him through different regions in Colombia going from Nabusímake in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta all the way down to the thick jungles of the Amazon. The eleven songs here presented were recorded between Nabusímake, Calderas, Punta Gallinas and Bogotá, mixed in Bogotá by Richard Blair (Sidestepper, Toto la Momposina, Chocquibtown) and mastered in London by John Dent. This journey to ancestral memory and wisdom contains circular melodies that induce to a soothing trance bringing back the ritual in indigenous music to urban settings.


"Mucho Indio" - Mucho Indio