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Sama Arts Network is one of UK’s leading companies which specializes in World Music and other allied art forms including orchestral, jazz, dance music

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Sama Arts Network is one of the UK's oldest and most influential arts network in the genre of traditional and contemporary South Asian arts. It present s a wide variety of Orchestral, Contemporary Jazz and World Music projects.

Established in 1977, Sama has produced and presented more than 1,850 plus events with acclaimed international artists. Most of the performances filmed, recorded and archived, and many of the events released through a variety of formats – digital downloads and physical products, CDs and DVDs.

SAMA's works in the field of project commissions of new works, label management, curating festivals, artistic, creative industry consultancy, recording, music publishing and intellectual property rights.

SAMA manages Sachal music label which was established to capture melody, acoustic harmony and rhythms from around the World. Their most recently featured album is "Jazz and All That', dedicated to the memory of Dave Brubeck it showcases the best of East meets West. Their previous album “Sachal Jazz’ "Interpretations of Jazz Standards" topped the World charts.

SAMA has recently taken over all the physical stock of Navras Records, one of the finest Indian classical catalogues which will be available for distribution.


I work in the creative arts industry through Sama Arts Network as its chief executive and an artistic director. I have curated, produced and directed over 1,850 events at over 450 venues with 3,500 artists including the production of over 450 albums and videos, through Navras Records and Sachal Music. My main focus is in curation of live music, record label management, music publishing including a wide are of entertainment law business.

Navras Records was created as a label with a view to bring out some of the outstanding live performances of classical and traditional music given the predominantly improvisational nature of this genre. Over the 27 years over 450 titles have been published from archival and freshly recorded material with these criteria in mind and virtually all the classical titles and many of the traditional titles have been taken from live recordings. In addition to the traditional classical vocal and instrumental titles, the Navras Catalogue now also comprises of many other sub-genres of this music form, such as light classical Ghazals and Thumris, Percussion and Classical Dance Music, Sufi Music, Devotional, Thematic, Fusion, Folk and Regional Music, Film Soundtrack, and Carnatic music. Notwithstanding this diversification our emphasis and commitment to the quality and traditionality of the genre has not been diluted. The Navras repertoire has outstanding, traditional music, retaining its indigenous character and its historical, classical and folk elements.

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