Srikanth, Jyotsna

Traditional music from South India, looking for collaborators (string quartets, string ensembles, orchestras) for an Indian violin concerto.

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Hailing from Bangalore and now based in London, Jyotsna is Europe’s foremost Indian violinist. Her music illuminates South Indian Carnatic musical tradition in kaleidoscope colour. Approaching every musical interaction with a forward-thinking outlook and elastic expressivity, Jyotsna is just as likely be found revelling in raga rotations or jamming in free jazz, often marrying the two.

Jyotsna went on to begin a successful career lending her talent to the film industry, playing on over two hundred South Indian cinematic soundtracks. Upon moving to London her work expanded to include television and engagements in prestigious venues & festivals of Europe.

Currently Jyotsna enjoys a demanding career as an eminent solo musician. Her album Call of Bangalore (Riverboat Records) cemented her position as a ‘major instrumentalist of vision and imagination’ (fRoots) and ‘an extraordinary and versatile violinist’ (The Guardian).

Jyotsna’s sound is distinct, mirroring her many influences. At times her tone is strong and romantic harking back to the lushly orchestrated cinematic soundtracks of her early career, at times she consciously echoes the slipping and sliding microtonal modulations of traditional fiddle players from rural Mysore where the instruments are constructed from a coconut shell and single string. At other times she strides in sixties jazz swing or winds and waxes a contemporary looping motif. Jyotsna prizes the concept of bhava (emotion), imbuing every note with audible passion and intensity.

Jyotsna teaches at many universities throughout the world and her workshops on appreciating South Indian music and comparative studies between Indian and western violin are popular.

Jyotsna is also the founder and curator of London International Arts Festival (LIAF) and leads Dhruv Arts, a UK-based not-for-profit organisation for South Indian music and the director of Dhruva Foundation, Bangalore (South India).

Jyotsna selected for Womex 2017 showcase at Katowice

We want to propose an exciting project, Indian Violin concerto called Raga Seasons, composed by Jyotsna, where the 6 seasons of India as against the 4 seasons of the west are depicted through 6 ragas (melodies) and 6 movements.

We are looking for collaborators (string quartets, string ensembles and philharmonic orchestras) to present the Indian Violin Concerto.

Jyotsna is performing the concerto at the King’s Place in London with the Ligeti Quartet on June 3rd 2018.

She also performed the concerto with the Vindla String Quartet from Sweden.

Lithuanian string orchestra in Kaunas

and with the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Wembley Stadium during the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to UK for an audience of 60000. Kindly watch from 46:30

Click below for demos.

Jyotsna was selected for Womex 2017 showcase at Katowice

Jyotsna will be accessible on mail and her UK phone/whatsapp number 0044 7951 337 986.

***** 5 stars
Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

‘...Jyotsna Srikanth is an extraordinary and versatile violinist... free-flowing, often mesmerising’
**** 4 stars - The Guardian, July 2013

‘...full of delicate ornamentation’
**** 4 stars - The Evening Standard

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