Love & Revenge (Lebanon/France)

Love & Revenge (Lebanon/France)


Love & Revenge
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Line up

  • Julien Perraudeau (keyboards)
  • La Mirza (live video composition)
  • Mehdi Haddab (electric oud)
  • Rayess Bek (machines)


Showcase Times:
Saturday 24 October 18:30 CEST
Saturday 24 October 21:00 CEST

Love and Revenge is the joint project of Lebanese hip-hop pioneer Rayess Bek and visual artist and photographer, Randa Mirza aka La Mirza. It is a musical reflection on their cultural identity, aiming to give a second life to old Arab popular songs and movies by adapting them to modern music production and visual aesthetics. They find the material for their visual and audio samples in the Arab music and films of the 1940s and 1950s, some still popular evergreens, many fallen into obscurity. In their latest live performance project, Glory and Tears, they are joined by keyboardist Julien Perraudeau and electric oud virtuoso, Mehdi Haddab, enhancing the infectious grooves and manipulated vintage samples as La Mirza's wittily constructed video projections shine a new spotlight on an all but forgotten 'golden era' of Arab cinema.

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