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Twin Planet presents THE LISTEN PROJECT; a cinematic journey into the heart of the human spirit.

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10 years. 30 countries. 100+ artists. 250+ songs. 50+ hours audio recordings. 20,000+ still photographs. 30+ episodes. 1 feature film and 1 award... so far.
THE LISTEN PROJECT began in 2010 as an experimental documentary cable TV series in Japan. Now after ten years, the vault of sights and sounds has swollen, overflowing with gems of performances in some of the most evocative locations imaginable.
Recently LISTEN PROJECT RECORDS released their first album "In A Quiet Place - Live Recordings from The Listen Project Film Series" with works from ten different artists. 2020-2021 will see two more new releases.
As we begin our second decade of production, we feel it is time to branch out to look for more ways we might be able to share our work.
Film Screenings, Musicians' Workshops, Traveling Exhibits, Curriculum for Schools... THE LISTEN PROJECT wants to continue our research and filmmaking, while creating as many opportunities as possible to expose the world to this vault of amazing artistry.

Looking forward to hearing your comments and/or questions.

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  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo
  • WOMEX 2019
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