Very Cool People

Very Cool People - Massive injection of funk & soul combined with jazz, surf & klezmer

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With a solid backbone in jazz, funk and soul, incorporating influences from surf, klezmer, rock and hip-hop, Very Cool People have been putting jazz & funk back on the dancefloor since 2007. Hailing from Riga, Latvia, the band has lit up clubs and festivals from Estonia to Romania, from Spain to South Korea. Always open to new experiments, Very Cool People have collaborated with plenty of guest artists from a bunch of countries.
Even if they are a live band more than anything else, they have eight albums behind their belt, well-received critically and nominated for awards as well. Here's the list:
"Very Cool People" (2009, CD, digital);
"Cruising In The Trolley" (2012, CD, digital);
"Funkology" (2015, CD, digital);
"Heya Some Kind Of Fish! We Don’t Know The Name Of This Fish In English, But In Latvian It’s Vimbas" (2017, CD, vinyl, digital);
"Snowman’s Express" (2018, CD, digital) with Kristīne Prauliņa & Ralfs Eilands;
"Caution! Contains Words!" (2019, CD, digital);
"Koncertprogramma Pa Apli" (2020, CD, digital) with Edavārdi, ansis & Kristīne Prauliņa;
“50 years of influence + 30 years of cool equals 13 years of music hooligan- ism” (2021, CD, digital).

As they put it in Mūzikas Saule, a respectable music magazine in Latvia – "they mix up a sparkling cocktail of funk, jazz and blues, adding other spices that only they know – very cool people indeed”.


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  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo
  • WOMEX 2019
stand number WOMEX 23: 75


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